Sylvester the Snail and the Bees Get Weird In Austin

by Susanna Sisson




Sylvester the snail was relaxing one day

Enjoying the peace of the garden

Snail mushroom berry


When a sound light as breeze was heard over the trees

And a bee softly spoke, “Beg your pardon.”


Bee in flight 2 resized


“Kind sir,” said the bee, “I’ve been sent by the Queen

With a message I must say is pressing.


My Queen needs your help to resolve our duress, and

She asks that you give us your blessing.


Sylvester the snail did not hesitate once and

He summoned his good friend the crow.

Crow flying 1

“Cheryl” he said, “Let us begin

It is off to the bee hive we go.”


Cheryl extended her wing to the ground

So Sylvester could make his ascent.

Crow wing to ground final

Away the three flew to the home of the Queen

Bella the Magnificent.


“Welcome kind sir,” said the Queen to the King.

“We are honored to have your advice.

Queen no paint

For besides being kind, it is known to us all

You are also exceedingly wise.”

“Our numbers are dwindling; we lose more each day,

The situation is really quite grave!

We must find a solution, we must take action now

For the bees and the world we must save!”


The King listened to her with respectful intent

Then pondered and took a long pause

“We will gather our friends who are all quite concerned

And together we’ll take up your cause.”

The Queen and her family had gathered around

And in unison all took a bow

The Queen said to the King with the tip of her head,

“Please, sir, explain to us how?”

Bee hive wild 2 green


“We must travel quite far to the land of the dome.

It is there we will make your plea.

Texas State Capitol

Do not fret Madame Queen, I am certainly sure

We will solve this great mystery.”


Bella agreed and sent one bee ahead

To find his way cross the land.

Bee flying

For when he returned, he would lead the rest

And together they’d all make a stand.


Cheryl the crow took flight later that night

To spread the King’s wondrous plan.

Crow Moon

And when everyone woke the following morn

There was gathered a large caravan.


Snail Sylvester

“Welcome, welcome my friends all alike.

We have gathered together to join in this fight.

We must help save the bees and our other friends, too,

Who all do so much to ensure we have food.


Pollinators edited bee

We have all come together from forest and farm

To make sure that the bees are no longer harmed.

Forest animals


We must take the long trek to the land of the dome

And once we’ve succeeded shall all return home.”

Farm Animals together


All the animals listened then gave a great cheer

“It is up to us all to protect what is dear.

cheer squirrelcheer raccoon

If we all stand together with one single voice

The humans in charge will just not have a choice.


There is power in numbers, in a voice that is strong.

If we all stand together it shouldn’t take long


For those who cannot see forest for trees

To realize we certainly MUST save the bees.



The bees led the way like a winged parade

They formed a great arrow to follow,

Bees swarm arrow

So Sylvester the snail and Bella the bee

With Cheryl the crow left the hollow.

9008960-black-crow-flying-on-the-blue-sky-background-Stock-Photo-crows-crow-raven edit bee snail

The animals all knew the path they would take
As they made their way to the dome,

Austin SkylineBut by the time they all met at Lady Bird Lake.
Their numbers had certainly grown.

Lady Bird Lake


For they had met others as they traveled along

Who knew of the plight of the bees,


And unlike the humans who seemed to be blind

The creatures saw forest from trees.


Sylvester escorted Bella the Queen

To her new hive inside the great dome.

Wild bee hive
The bees were all waiting and did a fine dance

To welcome the majestic Queen home.

Sylvester and Cheryl returned to the lake

Where the others were gathered about

Austin with Bat

He devised a great plan and enlisted the bats

He knew numbers would have the most clout.

Crow and Bat


The king spoke to the bats living under the bridge

Who were at least 2 million strong.

Bats Million


Congress bridge at sunset

And later that night as the sun crossed the bridge

They took flight in a synchronous throng.

Capitol Cruise


The sight was familiar to all who lived there

Many watched the array with delight.

Bats Bridge Man Pointing

But to those who knew bats, it was suddenly clear

There was something quite different that night.


The bats flew a formation that said PLEASE SAVE THE BEES

The amazed crowd sent up a loud ROAR!

Please Save the Bees

For even in Austin where “weird” is avowed

No one’s ever seen that sight before.

Keep Austin Weird



And lining the bridge as the bats took flight

Was another incredible scene

Bat bridge people dogThere were critters and people who stood side by side

About to make history.


So the onlookers watched as the colony flew

Into the air with a whoosh!


The bats circled around and then hovered above

Then they moved down Congress Avenue.



The folks and the animals followed along

It was such an incredible sight

Parade Capital

For the bats to lead people and critters downtown

Into the dark Austin night.


People gathered on sidewalks; they pulled over their cars

Willie Nelson was singing and playing guitar.

Willie Nelson

It became a procession that moved through the streets

As the crowd joined the others to help save the bees

To the steps of the capitol, everyone marched

With Sylvester and Cheryl leading the charge.

crow against moon 612


What happened next is amazing indeed

And to think it began with just one little seed.

Capitol night

What Sylvester had done was make everyone think.

Just what WOULD happen if the bees go extinct?

Earth dying
No flowers, no honey, no fruit trees or vines

Nothing to eat and not very much time.


What started in Austin caused a ripple that night

Those who were present continued the fight.

Bat BarThey talked to their friends and to strangers they’d meet




Because it’s not up to one, it is up to us all

To protect all God’s creatures,

The large and the small,

For the good of the Earth, this great spinning ball.



So, the story went viral, it traveled the globe.

From China to Russia to both the earth’s poles.

Time Magazine World Without Bees

That the bats had a message all people should hear

If we don’t save the bees, we have so much to fear.


Finally, Sylvester had people’s attention

Although it took many to get them to listen.

Einstein if the bee disappears

He didn’t want credit, he didn’t want fame

But still to this day the bees whisper his name.








0 The End