Sylvester the Snail & The Great Big Parade


by Susanna Sisson



Sylvester the snail is a silly old thing who loves pretty flowers and things covered with bling.

He lives in a garden, a magical place with mushrooms, gardenias, and regal Queen’s lace,

A mystical kingdom of which he is king and though not a title, an attitude thing!

While he lives in a garden, his home is a shell that he carries along with him and wears very well.

A spiral of beauty and practical, too – no need for a castle or to live in a shoe.

His blessings are many; his worries are few as he enjoys the sunlight and fresh morning dew.

His pace isn’t rapid, in fact it’s quite slow, but he gets where he’s going and he knows where to go.

He knows life is a journey, it isn’t a race – the point is to enjoy whatever your pace.

His friends are the spiders, the earthworms and those who live up above him and some down below.

The beetles, the mantis, and lady bug, too, who shows off her spots as she says, “Howdy do!”

The ants who are workers, butterflies, and bees that carry the pollen from flowers to trees.

Which may seem like a small thing but really it’s not, for without pollination then what have we got?

No flowers, no honey, no fruit trees or vines, nothing to eat and not very much time.

Even the bats play an important part as they pollinate flowers way after dark,

And not only that they’re like farmers with wings as they drop little seeds that become growing things.


So, let’s honor the bees, bats, and butterflies, too, who give us this bounty – Thanks for all that you do!

In fact, we’re so thankful we’d just like to say, “Thank you again and hip, hip, hooray!”

Let’s make it official and throw a parade with streamers and banners and pink lemonade.

So, he traveled the kingdom and asked everyone what they thought of the plan and what could be done.

He spoke to the squirrels and the fish in the pond, the birds as they nested and the frog on the frond.

He asked the chameleon who was sunning nearby what he thought of his plan and if he would try

To gather the others the following day, in hope they’d commune and help plan the parade.

So, into the night the old snail sat thinking while the fireflies lit up the dark sky with their blinking.

He thought long and hard how to honor the bees for the effort they make taking care of the trees.

Then he thought – Wait a minute! It’s not just the bees. It’s the bats, the birds, butterflies, even beetles.

It’s the mantis, the lizard, the sweet lady bug, the spiders, and earthworms and fireflies above.

We all work together for one and for all, for the good of all creatures, no matter how small; for the good of the earth, this great spinning ball.

It’s always been teamwork that gets the job done, when we work one for all and work all for one.

So, the wise old snail now knew what to say, and he slept really soundly up into the day.

He awoke to the sound of a gathering crowd and he stretched out his long neck and then spoke aloud.

Welcome, welcome my friends all alike, we have gathered together to celebrate life.

We have come to this place on this beautiful day to honor each other and plan our parade.

We should know it’s important to respect and to serve and if we do that we get what we deserve.

We must all work together to care for the earth and in working together we shall see a rebirth.

For we all are a part of God’s wonderful plan but we can’t live our lives with our heads the sand.We must care for our planet, its land and its seas, because it’s up to us all, not just the bees.

At first there was silence, and then slowly a din, as the crowd gave a loud and resounding “Amen!”

It is not up to one, it is up to us all to protect all God’s creatures, the large and the small.

celebrationAnd later that day in a grand celebration they made it official with a true coronation.

The silly old snail who was not silly at all became king of the garden, once and for all.

The End