Sylvester the Snail and the Bikers on Capitol Hill


by Susanna Sisson




Sylvester the snail was at home one day

Enjoying a peaceful surrender



When off in the distance he saw purple haze

And heard rumbling that sounded like thunder.

Bikers purple haze


The rumbling grew louder; birds took to the air

Even the earthworms had a terrible scare.


As the ground started moving, leaves dancing around

The curious earthworms went back underground.


Squirrels began kuking, tails started to twitch

Cicadas were chirping in near perfect pitch.


The animals stopped when they heard the great sound

They lifted their heads and were looking around.


A deer in the field held up a white tail

While a murder of crows sent up a loud rail.



Sylvester was shaken, his body like Jell-O

Nothing like quaking to harsh someone’s mello.

raccoonClose by in the trees raccoons started to trill

When a man on two wheels rolled atop the great hill.


He slowed for a moment then rounded the crest

He was followed by thousands who made up the rest.



He was dressed in black leather with a patch on his sleeve

On the back of his jacket was this: SAVE THE BEES.

jacket edited The others were dressed in a similar fashion

Clearly the bees were a part of their passion.


On the back of the bike was a bulldog named Bo

Who was looking around and saw Cheryl the Crow.

Their eyes met and he spoke with a bit of a yelp

“We’ve come a long way to ask for your help.”

crow cheryl


We heard about Austin all over the news

On Facebook and Twitter and even The View.

Ellen Degeneres talked of the way

That the bats went to Congress to help save the day.

Please Save the Bees


But we all know that sometimes the true story’s not told

Through the grapevine we got the real nuggets of gold

We heard of a snail who’s as wise as he’s humble

A king not afraid of a challenge, or rumble.


So we’ve come from all over to ask the wise snail

If he’d join us cross country and hit the old trail.

We’ll leave at daybreak if he’ll deign to consent

We’ll go to DC and all voice our dissent.”


Cheryl the Crow listened to the dog’s tale

Then flew off to share with Sylvester the snail.

Sylvester was thoughtful and before she was through

He’d made up his mind about what he would do.

Snail Sylvester



He gave strict instructions to Cheryl the Crow

To go back to the leader who called himself Bo.

“Tell him I am honored and also quite thrilled

To go see the President on Capitol Hill.”

capitol purple


That evening Sylvester devised a great plan

To get the lawmakers to vote on a ban.


His message was simple, not complex at all

Why it’s important to protect the large and the small.



He’d prove without question what is hurting the hives.

And why saving the bees helps the whole planet thrive.



The following morning the king joined the others

And to no one’s surprise, he was wearing his colors.

Snail colors



He joined Bo the dog who was ready to roll.

And over the hillsides, the bikers did go.




They headed to Memphis, the home of The King

And that night stopped on Beale St. to hear BB sing.

BB Kings

The next day on to Nashville and The Bluebird Café

Bluebird Cafe

Then they journeyed to Asheville – Bee City USA.



While on their journey they enlisted the aid

Of farmers and truckers and those who have made


Our country far greater than any on Earth

Those men and those women who protect and who serve.

They had all come together as one single voice

To tell the lawmakers we DO have a choice.


Then the President came to address the protestors.

Who thought that his presence was only a gesture.

For the people know actions speak louder than words

And anything less would be simply absurd.

They traveled to Richmond and on to DC

Where the people assembled to help save the bees.

Lady with sign

They came from all over; from all walks of life

There were doctors and lawyers and even housewives.

Next to speak was the man who had gathered them there

And standing beside him was a child with blond hair

kid with sign

The man spoke from the heart and had these words to say

Mr President Sir, we have come here this day…


To share what most people on earth take for granted

The importance of all creatures God put on this planet.

american flag

We must change how we live, we must lead by example

As our forefathers did when they wrote the Preamble.


We need something done, we need legislation

To help save the bees from complete devastation

bees dead

We know from the past some things simply can’t wait

And if we don’t hurry, it might be too late.


The president listened with all due respect

But the words of the child had a larger impact.

He looked at the kid and with a great smile

Said, “I’d like to hear now from the mouth of a child.”

The little boy spoke with tears in his eyes

And though just a child was exceedingly wise.


“Imagine in Spring what would make someone sad

If the cherry blossoms were a thing of the past.

cherry blossoms


If in summer there wasn’t the fruit on the vine

Or pumpkin pie on the table at Thanksgiving time.


What if one day we woke and the bees were just gone?

I’m sure you’d agree that’d be terribly wrong!



If we don’t save the bees then our future is bleak

Although doing what’s right is not a task for the weak.

In a word you should know what’s really killing the bees -

The biggest problem is this – apathy. “



At first there was silence and then up above

In the distance was heard the sound of a buzz

A message appeared written in the blue sky.

Which said, “The time is NOW – Save the Hive”.

Save the Hive


The little boy’s message had struck a great chord

That losing the bees we just cannot afford.

We can’t wait on our neighbors to get the job done

We can make changes now, and it begins with just one.

girl thank you


Just a reminder….

Nelson Mandela





0 The End