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Limu Moui


Medical Insights into the use of LIMU (transcribed from Breakthroughs in Health CD with Rita Elkins, Herbalist and research specialist, radio host and lecturer, author of The Complete Home Health Advisor, The Pocket Herbal Reference, The Complete Fiber Fact Book and The Herbal Emergency Guide.

What is Limu Moui….?

Limu Moui is brown seaweed native to the remote Pacific island of Tonga, a blue zone studied because of the low rate of cancer and morbidity.

For centuries, the people of Tonga have used Limu Moui for better immune function, to prevent heart disease, diabetes, tumors, arthritis, allergies, bowel disorders and parasites, to treat cuts, rashes, burns, tumors, colds and flu.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

~Linus Pauling PhD, 2 Nobel Prizes Chemistry and Peace

Limu Moui contains over 77 nutrients including vitamins, colloidal minerals, live plant enzymes lacking in cooked foods, anti-oxidants, glyconutrients, 17 amino acids, alginic acid, and a wide range of essential and non-essential fatty acids. Experts tell us that minerals are rarely found in the natural foods grown on the table of the Earth today because our soils are depleted of minerals.  In addition to the essential nutrients in LIMU there is an active chemical ingredient found only in certain varieties of brown seaweed called FUCOIDAN. Because of the remote location in the pristine water off the island of Tonga this seaweed is free from heavy metals and toxins found in industrialized seawater such as that around Japan and even Hawaii. (see Nutrition page for more info on nutrients).  In 2012 Japan was added to the list of countries where LIMU is available.


Fucoidan has so many health advantages it has been compared to mother’s milk and provides superb immune support.

Fucoidan works in virtually every body system to not only promote health but correct abnormalities.

Over 1130 third party independent research studies have confirmed the profound health value of fucoidan.  Visit www.pubmed.gov for more information.









Many of these studies were published in prestigious medical journals such as these:

  • Anticancer Research
  • Infection and Immunity
  • The British Journal of Pharmacology
  • Nutrition and Cancer
  • Developmental Biology
  • The Journal of Molecular Immunology
  • Journal of Neuroimmunology
  • Antibiotics and Chemotherapy
  • Cellular Microbiology Journal
  • Journal of Medicinal Food
  • Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Planta Medica Journal

Fucoidan is a unique polysaccharide or large sugar molecule found in the cell wall of limu moui.

In one study conducted at the Department of Agriculture at Kagoshima University, fucoidan was given to mice for 20 days. Upon examination, the natural killer cells of the test animals had increased to twice that of the control group.

A March 1997 issue of the International Journal of Immunopharmacology, reported that brown seaweed extract stimulate the production of B cells. B cells make antibodies against the disease organisms we’re exposed to, enabling our defensed to spring into action when we’re exposed to something.

What about allegies?

When laboratory mice were inoculated with a strong allergy causing substance, those treated with fucoidan had reduced IGE levels. IGE’s are what cause us to sneeze, wheeze, and itch. The severity of the allergic reactions of the mice on fucoidan was considerably less than those that were not. Concerning auto-immune diseases like scleroderma, lupus, MS, or rheumatoid arthritis, fucoidan works to modulate and overactive immune system, helping to normalize immunity. This ability to boost or suppress immune function as needed is something which eludes even our most sophisticated drug.

Can fucoidan fight infectious viruses and bacteria?

Fucoidan actually binds to viruses, interfering with their ability to attach to host cells. Persistent diseases like influenza and colds are caused by hard to treat viruses. Research strongly suggests that fucoidan therapy may benefit people fighting Hepatitis, Chronic Fatique Syndrome, Herpes, and even HIV.

In 1995 Romanian scientists found that fucoidan worked in two ways to inhibit the growth of gram negative and gram positive bacteria while also boosting the action of white blood cells that eat bacteria. These researchers were so impressed with the antibacterial action of fucoidan they suggested its use for serious infection like E.coli.

Fucoidan does what no drug can do. It fights bacteria while boosting immunity rather than weakening it which is unfortunately what the repeated use of antibiotics does.

What about conditions like heart disease?

In a 1999 issue of The Journal of Nutrition, scientists reported that brown seaweed fed rats had lower levels of blood fats than who were not. Fucoidan alters the activity of liver enzymes that control the way the fats we eat are metabolized, resulting in better cholesterol profiles.

Fucoidan works to lower blood pressure as well. Results like these have prompted the World Health Organization to take a serious look at fucoidan for cardiovascular protection.

Fucoidan also discourages the formation of dangerous blood clots. From the November 2000 issue of the European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, we read that fucoidan is more potent than heparin, a prescription blood thinner.

What about the use of LIMU and fucoidan in cancer?

From a November 1993 issue of Anticancer Research, “The present results indicate that fucoidan may open up new perspectives in cancer chemotherapy.”

From a 1995 issue of Anticancer Research, Japanese scientists reported that fucoidan inhibits the spread of lung cancer. In other words, it kept lung cancer cells from metastasizing.

French scientists discovered the same effect on other cancer cells.

There are three ways that fucoidan fights cancer. First, it actually prompts cancer cells to self-destruct through a process known as apoptosis. One Japanese study found that when fucoidan was administered to cancer cells they were destroyed within 72 hours.

Second, fucoidan turns on the cellular switch which stops malignant cells from replicating, a safeguard that keeps many of us cancer free, but fails to function in some individuals.

Third, the reason cancer cells are permitted to replicate in the first place is because the immune system fails to recognize and destroy them.

Fucoidan boosts the production of interleukin and interferon compounds so that cancer cells are more rapidly identified and eradicated. Simply stated, fucoidan revs up immune defenses so they become more vigilant in targeting abnormal cells for destruction.

Scientists at the Harvard Public School of Health even believe that brown seaweed plants like Limu Moui lower the risk of breast cancer.

Another disease that is of epidemic proportions in this country is diabetes. In a January issue of Reproductive Nutrition and Development, French researchers reported that polysaccharides found in seaweed plants benefited blood sugar and insulin levels.

Fucoidan helps to slow the infusion of sugar into the bloodstream from the intestines, thereby keeping blood sugar levels more stable. For people with diabetes, insulin resistance or hypoglycemia, this is good news.

And for those with stomach disorders, Japanese scientists found that fucoidan eases stomach ailments and even prevents the attachment of H. pylori to cells of the stomach lining. This is the bacteria that causes the formation of gastric ulcers. And in 1997, Russian researchers discovered that fucoidan inhibits the inflammatory process that contributes to peritonitis, a serious inflammation of the stomach lining.

In 1999, scientists at the University of Manitoba discovered that the anti-inflammatory action of fucoidan can minimize the brain damage and memory impairment that follows a stroke or other brain injury.

Among its many therapeutic properties, fucoidan also supports joint function. In 1995 scientists discovered that fucoidan promotes the promotes the formation of a substance called fibronectin, which keeps joints lubricated and flexible.

Consuming fucoidan on a regular basis can also boost the body’s recuperative powers and stress resistance. How? Fucoidan stimulates bettere liver cell regeneration which helps strengthen the entire body. For people who have been chronically ill, injured in accidents or have had surgery, fucoidan may initiate faster recovery. And for those of us who cope with high stress, limu muoi’s rich concentration of colloidal minerals combined with fucoidan provides better physical stamina and endurance. Remember that a hormone called cortisol is released during periods of stress, and can predispose us to disease by weakening the immune system. Keeping the body supplied with limu muoi provides as shield from stress related illness.

Have you ever wondered how South Pacific sea plants remain flexible and hydrated despite their exposure to harsh sunlight and salt water?

The same compounds that protect the surface of the plant also protect human skin. In an October 2000 issue of Biological Pharmacology Bulletin, scientists reported that fucoidan boosts the production of a protein called Integrin, which increases skin firmness and repair. In addition, Limu Moui contains alginic acid, a mucilage which helps keep skin moist and supple. Fucoidan also promotes the contraction of collagen which enhances wound healing. Scientists believe that other compounds found in Limu Moui may actually shorten the cycle in which skin, hair and nail cells replace themselves. In so doing, the skin is slower to wrinkle and faster to heal and nails and hair grow more vigorously.

When it comes to turning back the clock, Japanese scientists discovered that fucoidan boosts the production of Hepatocyte Growth Factor or HGF. HGF is a very special protein. Raising levels or HGF creates a positive cascade effect throughout virtually every body system. Organ tissues regenerate with more efficiency providing a buffer from the cellular deterioration which causes us to age prematurely.

The therapeutic applications of fucoidan are very diverse. In addition to the ones touched on, fucoidan can help cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals, relieve symptoms of depression and treat hyperactivity by supplying DHA to the brain, cleanse and nourish the bowel, and discourage food cravings by providing the body with a complete array of nutritive compounds. Limu Moui’s rich iodine content helps stimulate an underactive thyroid resulting in better metabolism and weight control.

Why liquid Limu Moui?

Anyone fighting chronic diseases like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue can especially benefit from its exceptional tonic therapy. While dining on a bowl of Limu Moui every day would certainly be beneficial, its rubbery texture and unusual taste make the prospect highly unlikely. Limu Moui in a supplemental liquid extract form has been called “sea plant in solution”.

Obtaining the full nutrient value of Limu Moui in a liquid extract has its definite advantages. For one, unlike dried seaweed supplements, Limu Moui extract is produced from the nutrient rich portion of the plant. In so doing, the dense and fibrous portions that are not digestible are exchanged for a concentrated, nutrient rich residue. What remains is very readily absorbed in the blood stream for immediate distribution to the cells. One would have to eat inordinate amounts of Limu Moui in its natural form to get the same concentration of nutrients. In addition, the ease of taking a liquid supplement makes a daily infusion of fucoidan from Limu Moui much more likely. Dosages can be adjusted to increase potency during times of stress or illness.

What should you look for in a Limu Moui supplement?

First check labels for certified products. Liquid suspensions may include several compounds to carry the extract itself. Extracts should be produced from fresh live plants which are carefully harvested from pure water and processed quickly. Processing should not use excessive heat which can break down nutrients. Avoid products contaminated with chemical pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Remember that brown seaweed supplements that originate from industrialized areas may be contaminated. Researchers at the University of British Columbia issued a warning in June of 2000. They expressed concern over radiation and heavy metal contamination of seaweed harvested off the coast of Japan, Canada and Norway. They found mercury contamination in 6 out of 8 samples as well as arsenic residue. The purity of the water seaweed products grow in is as crucial as the nutrient profile of the plant itself.

Who should use a Limu Moui extract?

Because it has no known side effects or toxicity, Limu Moui extracts can be used every day as a tonic and disease preventative for people of all ages. For proper dosages follow label instructions. Remember that Limu Moui is a natural anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agent. It also has the ability to detoxify and rejuvenate both externally and internally. In short, Limu Moui has been used to treat and impressive and wide reaching list of health conditions which include but aren’t limited to the following: chronic fatigue, stroke, prostate disease, tumors, heart disease, infections, diabetes, digestive disorders, allergies, auto-immune disorders, cancer, arthritis, ulcers, cold and flu, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and chronic pain.

You know we live in a disease ridden society which scrambles to treat disease after the fact. Prevention is by far the better option but involves the consumption of certain foods and nutrients on a daily basis. Continued use of Limu Moui supplementation will help to provide what Tongans have enjoyed for generations – long life and resonant health.

You have only one body and it’s up to you to take care of it. A healthy diet, exercise and rest are essential. But, supplementing your body’s system with the right nutrients is vital for optimum health. Although medical treatment has historically focused on pharmaceuticals and surgery, there is a growing awareness in the medical community of the tremendous potential of natural alternatives, especially well researched super-nutrients like fucoidan. Fucoidan has already been cited in over 1000 studies published in the National Library of Medicine and the results suggest that fucoidan is one of the most promising nutrients ever discovered. Fucoidan does not exist in any land based plants such as fruits or vegetables. It comes from a brown sea plant known as Limu, and has been the source of strength and vitality for the natives in the South Pacific for thousands of years. The profound impact that this fucoidan rich superfood, Limu, could have on world health is astounding. Limu is already being embraced enthusiastically by a growing number of doctors and health professionals.

Why Drink LIMU?

LIMU Original bottle

See the science for yourself. To do your own research, to to www.pubmed.gov and put fucoidan in the search box. You will see over 1000, 3rd party, independent studies from scientists all over the world.  To do an advanced search enter fucoidan + inflammation or whatever health issue you want more information about.

97 Ways Limu Will Help You

1. Nutrients Easily Absorbed – Limu’s 70+ vitamins and minerals are readily used by the body.

2. Strengthens Bones & Teeth – Limu from Tonga is rich in calcium.

3. Fights Depression – Tongan limu is also rich in magnesium, considered elemental in fighting depression.

4. Builds Healthier Blood – The limu plant absorbs iron from the Tongan South Pacific, crucial for optimal thyroid health.

5. Improves Thyroid Health – Limu absorbs zinc and iodine from the South Pacific, important for optimal thyroid health.

6. Alleviates Mood Disorders – Limu is a rich source of natural vitamins B1, B2, B12 and lecithin, helping battle symptoms of moodiness.


7. Like Nature’s Perfect Food – Limu contains a unique polysaccharide called fucoidan, whose chemical makeup closely resembles human breast milk.

8. Resists Colds & Flu – Limu has more vitamin C than oranges.

9. Naturally Antibiotic – Limu’s fucoidan has the same antibodies as human breast milk.

10. Strengthens Immune System – Limu’s fucoidan stimulates production of vital immune cells, helping the body battle against bacteria, fungi, parasites and even cancer cells.

11. Protects Against Disease – Limu’s glyconutrients encourage “natural killer” (NK) cells to fight diseases, enabling better protection from tissue breakdown.

12. Speeds Immune Response – Limu’s glyconutrients also encourage NK cell and B cell regeneration, speeding up the body’s immune response.

13. Stronger White Blood Cells – Glyconutrients in limu aid white blood cells to destroy infections microorganisms better.

14. Fights Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria – Limu’s fucoidan has powerful immune-boosting components that can help bodies strengthen to fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


15. Relieves Meningitis Swelling

16. Relieves Earaches

17. Relieves Eye Inflammations

18. Relieves Gingivitis

19. Relieves Headaches

20. Relieves Pain

21. Relieves Sore Throat

22. Relieves Backaches

23. Relieves Toothaches

24. Relieves Boils

25. Relieves Arthritis

26. Relieves Prostate Swelling

27. Relieves Fibromyalgia

28. Immune System Booster – Limu’s fucoidan can do what no synthetic drug can; fight bacteria while boosting the immune system, rather than weakening it.

29. Helps Fight Viruses – Limu’s fucoidan increases the production of some types of interleukins and interferons secreted by immune cells (like T cells). This can be an exciting and effective treatment against viruses that cause hepatitis, chronic fatigue and even AIDS.

30. Herpes (Cold Sores) Relief – Fucoidan in limu may be beneficial for people who suffer from chronic viral infections, such as herpes or cytomegalovirus, which can cause miscarriages and birth defects.

31. Halts Viruses – Fucoidan has been shown to bind to enveloped viruses, interfering with their ability to attach to host cells and preventing replication.

32. Specialized Immune Support – Laboratory tests show fucoidan boosts the level of immune-defense cells specifically designed to attack invaders, rather than boosting random defense cells.
33. Reduces Fever

34. Relieves Mouth Sores

35. Alleviates Strep Infections

36. Minimizes Respiratory Infections


37. Lessons Allergies – Limu’s fucoidan may lessen allergic reactions by stimulating interleukin 12 and intereron-fA production, proteins that suppress IgE production. Too much IgE can cause sneezing, wheezing and nasal inflammation.

38. Relieves Allergic Inflammation – Limu’s fucoidan has anti-inflammatory properties that can also help reduce discomfort of allergies and skin disorders.

39. Alleviates Sinusitis – Limu’s anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties can alleviate sinusitis conditions.

40. Reduces Congestion – Limu’s mucilage helps the body hold moisture, which can reduce congestion.


41. Lowers Cholesterol – The laboratory of Lipid Chemistry in Okojama, Japan, collected data showing fucoidan alters the activity of liver enzymes that control how fatty acids are metabolized, resulting in lower cholesterol blood levels. These findings were published in Journal of Nutrition in 1999.

42. Improves Blood Pressure – Studies show limu’s fucoidan improves blood pressure levels.


43. Breaks Down Dangerous Cells – A Japanese study showed fucoidan causes DNA in individual cancer cells to self destruct. This is a process known as “apoptosis,” a protective mechanism that helps keep many cancer free.

44. Slows Tumor Growth – Laboratory studies show that fucoidan effectively blocks the G1 cell division, discouraging the growth of malignant tumors in tests using human bronchopulmonary carcinoma cells.

45. Inhibits Malignant Cells – Limu’s fucoidan stimulates production of interleukin and interferon compounds, inhibiting malignant cell growth. Its lamarin also has anti-cancer compounds.

46. Few Side Effects – Doctors in Japan believe fucoidan supplementation is effective and relatively free of side effects in treating colon and lung cancer as well as leukemia.

47. Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth – Limu’s fucoidan helps the immune surveillance system recognize and inhibit cancer cell growth.

48. Prevents Carcinogenic Transformation – Limu compounds can prevent transformation of phospholipids to carcinogenic substances.

49. Prevents Carcinogenic Bowel Flora – Limu’s compounds inhibit the creation of carinogenic flora in the bowel.

50. Reduces Cancer Risk – The limu plant has compounds that help reduce the risk of certain cancers by reducing plasma cholesterol.


51. Improves Hormone Levels – A combination of soy and limu’s fucoidan affects hormone levels in postmenopausal women.

52. Works With Soy – Researchers at the University of South Carolina believe their study demonstrates that soy and fucoidan work together, possibly protecting against malignant breast tumor formation.

53. Protects from Steroids – Limu helps reduce steroid binding to breast tissue.

54. Protects Breast Tissue – Limu helps protect breast tissue against pollutants and toxins.

55. Contributes to Breast Health – Limu supplies vital trace minerals that help protect breast tissue.

56. Alleviates Bladder Infections

57. Reduces Yeast Infections

58. Alleviates Premenstrual Distress- Limu is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2 and B12, helping battle symptoms of moodiness.

59. Balances Blood Sugar – Limu’s fucoidan can slow the glucose infusion into the bloodstream, helping keep blood sugar levels stable.

60. Prevents Insulin Over-Response – Fucoidan’s effect on glucose can help prevent excessive insulin responses in diabetics, reducing the chance of hypoglycemia.


61. Improves GI Functions – Consistent fucoidan supplementation resulted in improved function of the upper gastrointestinal tract, according to studies conducted in Tokyo.

62. Prevents Ulcers – The Yukult Central Institute for Microbiological Research reported C-fucoidan prevented the attachment of ulcer-causing bacteria to stomach-lining cells.

63. Relieves Peritonitis – Limu’s fucoidan presence may prevent inflammation-causing white cells from migrating to the stomach lining, helping reduce inflammation.

64. Alleviates Constipation – Limu’s mucilage helps the body hold moisture, which can reduce constipation.

65. Helps with Colon Diseases

66. Reduces Indigestion – See Reason #61

67. Improves Stroke Damage – Limu’s fucoidan has strong anti-inflammatory properties that may help minimize brain damage and memory impairment in stroke sufferers, when taken in repeated dosages.

68. Lower Stroke Risk – There is evidence limu’s fucoidan discourages blood clot formation, lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The Department of Surgical Sciences in Stockholm concluded that the anti-coagulating properties of fucoidan are more potent than the commonly prescribed heparin.

69. Helps Prevent Blood Clots – Limu’s lamarin is anti-clotting compound.


70. Aids Liver Repair – Fucoidan stimulates better liver-cell regeneration and tissue replacement.

71. Stimulates Tissue Replacement – Fucoidan stimulates tissue replacement in other organs, too, such as the skin. This is especially important for those chronically ill or recovering from surgery, an accident or burns.

72. Helps Cope With Stress – Limu can help the body cope with stress by keeping it supplied with restorative compounds and minerals.

73. Naturally Detoxifies – Limu’s alginate is a natural detoxifier.

74. Reduces Chronic Fatigue – Limu’s wide assortment of nutrients may eliminate symptoms of this little-understood disease.


75. Repairs Skin – Japanese scientists reported in Biological Pharmacology Bulletin that fucoidan boosts the production of the integrin protein, which helps increase skin repair.

76. Boosts Wound Healing – The same report emphasizes fucoidan promotes the contraction of collagen gel, boosting healing.

77. Speed Skin Healing – Laboratory tests suggest compounds in limu shorten the skin-cell-replacement cycle, causing skin to heal faster and wrinkle more slowly.

78. Hydrates Hair – Limu’s alginic acid helps it resist drying from sun exposure, making it ideal for cosmetic and hair treatment products.

79. Helps Skin Retain Moisture – Limu’s mucilage provides protection for delicate membranes and helps hold moisture. This can help discourage skin dryness.

80. Improves Moisture Absorption – Mucilage provides protection for delicate membranes and helps hold moisture. This can help discourage skin dryness.

81. Firms Skin – Limu’s mucilage contributes to making the skin form and resilient.

82. Strengthens Hair, Nails, Skin – Limu’s mucilage can strengthen hair, nails an skin.

83. Prevents Wrinkles – Mucilage in limu can help prevent wrinkles and aid in healing by boosting skin regeneration.

84. Restore Hair – Externally applied limu poultices, gels and compresses, combined with internal supplements, may aid hair restoration from loss due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments.


85. Breaks Down Fat – Lecithin in limu may help break down fatty deposits under the skin.

86. Satisfies Appetite – The high mucilage content of limu helps satisfy hunger.

87. Eliminates Cravings – With limu’s balance of nutrients, food cravings are often eliminated.

88. Thyroid Stimulation – The iodine in limu can stimulate an underactive thyroid, which has been linked to slower metabolism and weight gain.

89. Improves Metabolism – Limu’s organic iodine supports metabolism function.

90. Helps Reduce Obesity – As limu helps stabilize blood sugars, food can be used as energy rather than stored as fat.


91. Reduces Hyperactivity – Amino acids and polyphenols (anti-oxidants) in limu are able to bind to heavy metals in the urinary tract, preventing their build-up in the bloodstream. Heavy metals have been linked to learning disorders and hyperactivity in children.


92. Prevents and Treats Liver Problems – Fucoidan can significantly enhance the production of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which stimulates regeneration of liver cells. This may help prevent hepatitis and treat cirrhosis and liver failure.

93. Aids Proper Scar Formation – Fucoidan’s effect on HGF boosts production of skin cells, and the HGF protein is vital to scar formation.

94. Improves Tissue Healing – HGF boosts tissue healing by inhibiting the prevention of regeneration, so it may challenge degenerative diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis.

95. Improves Joint Health – Fucoidan’s effect on HGF boosts cartilage regeneration.

96. Treats Heart Disease – HGF increases production of heart-muscle cells, which may help treat pulmonary fibrosis.

97. Slows Aging – Studies show HGF slows the deterioration associated with aging by inhibiting a substance in the body that prevents the regeneration of tissue.

Dr. Donna Antarr, M.D.

I have been a medical doctor for over 20 years. I am a Jonas Salk medical scholarship winner, I graduated chancellor’s honor roll undergrad, and graduated from the San Diego School of Medicine. I am currently in private practice in San Diego. I do lectures and seminars on nutritional health worldwide and I have a Master’s degree in exercise physiology. In all that time, I researched thousands of health products and recommended and probably have taken hundreds of them and never before have I seen anything so dramatically important as Limu Moui.

I was initially interested in Limu Moui because of the wealth of scientific information on this nutrient in Limu Moui that I had never even heard of before and that nutrient is called fucoidan. Currently, there are over 1000 independent research studies on fucoidan and this research reveals such a wide array of beneficial biological activities that it’s easy to understand why it’s so vital. Fucoidan, in my opinion, is not only an extremely beneficial and natural occurring nutrient; it is ESSENTIAL for optimal health. It’s not found in any land plant or even all seaweeds. Only some species of brown seaweed have a large concentration of fucoidan. And from a nutritional chemical point of view, it’s a biologically active sulfanated polysaccharide. Now, don’t forget that Limu Moui is more than just fucoidan. It contains over 70 other vital nutrients that in balance work synergistically together with each other and with the fucoidan in proportions designed by Mother Nature. And that’s really important because Mother Nature knows what we need, knows what kind of balance and combination is going to work the best. Some of these nutrients are for example, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols which are powerful plant anti-oxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids like omega-3, and nature’s own natural cellular detoxifier – alginate, and that’s obviously just a few of the over 70 nutrients.

What was even more impressive to me and continues to be more impressive is that the real life results that people are achieving go together and seem to parallel what I see in the literature. An example of this is very close to my heart and that is my father. Before he came to live with us, he was diagnosed with severe Alzheimer’s and with his condition, mostly did not know who myself or my husband, George was. He was incredibly disoriented, somewhat paranoid, and aggressive. It was very, very difficult. And what I found was, I started giving him Limu Moui and after a couple of weeks we both noticed a significant improvement. After just a few months on Limu Moui, he knows who people are, he knows who I am, even if he meets people he knows who they are and remembers them. He has been on Limu now for 3 years. He doesn’t even look like a person who has Alzheimer’s anymore and I have my dad back. Nothing can take the place of that.

In May of 2005, the European Journal of Neuroscience, Canadian researchers found that fucoidan had neuroprotective effects against B-amyloid, which is the bad protein that deposits in the brain and they believe causes Alzheimer’s. What they found is that it seems to protect the brain against B-amyloid in rats. Now, I could have waited until May of 2005 to try Limu Moui on him, but I didn’t and I’m very glad that I didn’t, now that the research bears out what I’m finding in real life. I see this over and over and over again with results and testimonials that I hear every day, new testimonials that they parallel what the literature is showing. Some of the recent research on fucoidan shows a wide array of benefits, for example: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, it helps improve immune system dysfunction. It shows that it helps to lower blood fats, cholesterol, mobilizes stem cells, and shows it assists in normalizing blood sugar in diabetics. Fucoidan has anti-cancer benefits. The American Journal of Hematology in 2005 showed that fucoidan has direct anti-cancer effects on malignant cells. Fucoidan also improves skin firmness, wound healing and moisture retention and most importantly has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. Not only the research journals, but, a recent cover of TIME Magazine showed that is the secret killer and they talked about inflammation linked to heart attack, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, asthma, cancer, MS and many other diseases. Inflammation appears to be the underlying cause of all our degenerative diseases. In my opinion, everyone – children, seniors, adults, athletes, teens all need to be drinking Limu Moui. It is the ultimate anti-aging nutrient and is vital to optimal nutrition.

Dr. Ron Manzanero, M.D.

I graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1984 and my specialty has been family medicine. I am board certified in family medicine, however for the last 10 years; I have been a physician dealing with natural and alternative therapies, sometimes known as complimentary medicine. I also do intravenous chelation therapy for detoxification. My practice also has revolved a lot around endocrine issues. I have written two articles for books about hypothyroidism.

I first heard about Limu when I went to my in-laws house. They had a friend who had left some information about it and there was a reference to a website called pubmed.gov. When I went to the website, there were literally hundreds of articles and scientific studies done on fucoidan. When I first tried Limu for myself I was interested in what it would do for me. At the time I was suffering from muscle pains which we call fibromyalgia, and this was a two year process of me going to various practitioners and massage therapists and nothing really working plus trying my own remedies and I found that after taking the Limu for about two weeks at higher than recommended amounts on the bottle it was very dramatic. At the end of the two weeks I noticed I didn’t have my typical aches and pains, and as I did more research on the main ingredient fucoidan I found it also has a nice dietary effect of thinning the blood. I did find that there are studies on fibromyalgia indicating that excess amounts of a protein called fibrin, which makes the blood sluggish might be a cause for fibromyalgia. Well, low and behold, there are studies showing that fucoidan is an excellent enzyme that has an effect on lowering the amount of fibrin in the blood. Of course in my practice, I have patients wanting an alternative to some very complex issues such as cancer and I was attracted to all the studies on fucoidan. For example, there is an article here from Cancer Research 1984 showing that fucoidan has some inhibitory effects on mammary cancer in rats. There is also here in Cancer Research 1996, a study showing and anti-proliferative effect on brocho-pulmonary carcinoma. These are not clinical studies on humans but I thought there was enough data, over 40 articles on anti-cancer effects, so I thought, well this might be interesting to use as dietary support.

One of the first persons I tried this with was a mother of a friend of mine who was basically on hospice. She had small cell carcinoma of the lung and was just waiting to die, not doing anything. So, I said, “Look, just try this. Let’s see if it does have any benefit.” She started getting more energy. Four months later she called me at my office which she would never do but she was excited that she had been discharged from hospice as well as meals on wheels people because she had more energy and she told me that she was going to go to an oncologist to get a follow-up CAT scan. For the first time the lung tumor had actually gotten smaller. Now, let me make this clear, I’m not saying this was a cure, but, she is still alive and I guess it’s been about four years out and the only thing we’ve done is just put her on LIMU. This is one example and I think it certainly warrants further investigation with fucoidan and LIMU. I absolutely do feel comfortable with people taking LIMU and I recommend it to many of my patients. It’s not a panacea for everything but, I think the benefits are certainly there, they are clearly illustrated in the literature on fucoidan and yes, I absolutely do recommend it.

Let’s face it. Most of us are too rushed to eat right. We dive in and out of fast food joints. We eat processed foods because they’re convenient and we give the same foods to our kids. Our bodies are lacking in nutrition and our neglect has spawned an outbreak of disease in epidemic proportions. Right now, the world has over 158 million Type 2 diabetics, and in the next decade that number will rise to an estimated 212 million. Plus, Type 2 diabetics all have one thing in common; 80% of all heart disease occurs in Type 2 diabetics. Type 1 diabetes plagues many of us as well. It’s devastating effects to our vision, energy, and overall health simply must be addressed.

Dr. Linda Pope, M.D.

I am a medical doctor with a specialty in opthmology. I have been in practice since 1985, and my patient population includes patients with diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma and systemic diseases that affect their eyes as well as persons who have just normal sight.

I heard about LIMU from a patient, gladly so, I can say, because it came at a time when I was having some difficulties with mobility, stiffness and terrible excruciating pain in my joints, especially my hands. As you know, being a surgeon you have to use your hands in microsurgery. She introduced me to the product. I was game for it as a food since it couldn’t hurt me, and I hoped that it would help me. And sure enough in about three weeks I had relief of pain and within 4 months had mobility in all of my joints and resumed operating doing microsurgery. The Limu in a sense saved my practice and my career and enabled me to continue on. That said, the reason I am most interested in Limu at this point is that is has afforded me, because of what is has done for me as well as what is has done for others had allowed me to share my story and help people in ways that conventional medicine did not teach and affords with me ways to share with people ways to maximize their health and wellness. What I’ve latched onto is a recent study that is absolutely phenomenal and it is cited in the December 27, 2005, Methods in Experimental Clinical Pharmacology, where orally ingested fucoidan, known to have wonderful biologic effects in animal studies is now measurable in human plasma. So, we know we are getting the benefit of that when we ingest it. Also, in a January 1, 2006 study in Archives of Biochemical Biophysics, it’s suggested that fucoidan can be used for treating humans with some inflammatory pathologies and we know that diabetes and high blood sugar levels create inflammatory processes. That is one of the problems that I face as an ophthalmologist and have seen persons that have diabetic retinal disease of all sorts. There is one wonderful story just this past week. I am doctor to both the mother and the daughter. The daughter is a juvenile diabetic in her twenties who has become very, very depressed because the disease has just ravaged her body; her eyes, her kidneys, her skin and as a result she had become depressed. The mother told me this wonderful story with beaming smiles that she couldn’t wait until her daughter came to the office for me to see her because she had been to an endocrinologist several months ago and was told that she would be on hemodialysis. The good news is that her studies are now normal. Her kidney function is now normal, her creatinine clearance is normal. Her endocrinologist has no idea she has been using LIMU. I believe I would be in error if I didn’t share the story of LIMU and what it’s done for me and what it’s doing for others. I do believe that our diets are missing essential elements, essential nutrients that our bodies need for restoration and for repair. My son is using it because I believe in starting his nutrition the right way.

Carolyn Hoffman, C.N.H.P.

I am a certified health practitioner and nutritional kinesiologist and what I do is test products for people to see the value of the product for their body. I had a health care challenge myself which led me into natural health care as a way to improve my life which really wasn’t going anywhere with traditional medical care. I was looking for a liquid and in doing so ran across LIMU and the thing that was so exciting to me about LIMU was it completely outperformed anything I had ever come across. When I do the testing I get all sorts of interesting results and because we’re all entirely different I could never come across one product that would work well for everyone or certainly wouldn’t test well for everyone until I came across LIMU. In two and a half years of using LIMU, I have yet to find one person that this hasn’t tested well for, but the most exciting part of it was that as we started to work with LIMU, I found that all the other pills and tablets and that they had tested for gradually fell away and were no longer needed. But the great thing was they were getting much better results with LIMU and of course it was costing them a lot less than using dozens and dozens of other supplements. The results with LIMU were so much more powerful than any other supplements or combination of supplements. What is so special to me is that it is this most incredible plant that has so many different properties that come in one component. What is so amazing is that it is completely synergistic; there’s nothing manufactured, not someone saying we’re going to put together all these different ingredients to make some kind of drink that we think might be beneficial. This is just a plant that has survived naturally and for me has just a grocery basket of properties that the body is absolutely longing for. I think this is why we see such amazing responses from everyone when they start to drink this because it’s a food that’s feeding the body. It’s the first time that I’ve been able to say to someone, “this is exactly what you should be drinking for your health”; this fabulous, organic whole food with all of these studies behind it and all of these nutrients and what I’ve found is that it’s been able to replace as many as 8 or 10 different supplements and we get so much better results from it because it’s a whole food. The body knows exactly what to do with it, it’s simple, it tastes good and there’s a whole range of science behind LIMU. I like to say this is a perfect food from cradle to grave, because children as young as 3 months old can use this. You don’t have to be sick to benefit. Our food is so depleted of nutrients that everyone needs to be on LIMU for preventative health care. I have had amazing results with patients but my original interest was because my mother was diagnosed with cancer and she was not one of those people who was going to go the traditional route and refused all of the obvious treatment. So, I have a mother who went from stage 4 cancer to someone who is fit, healthy and continuing to enjoy life and not looking at not being around very long. As an alternative health practitioner, what I see with LIMU is that this is going to be the most important discovery that we have. What I love about LIMU is that it is so simple, natural, an organic food. The body craves what it needs and it craves what LIMU has plus there’s so much science behind it that is it going to change the way we can impact the health of people today. Our bodies were designed to get most of our nutrition through food and LIMU is the most perfect food available.

Ralph Leblanc, D.C.

For the last 13 years I’ve been in one of the hottest industries in the world, and that is the wellness industry. I am a chiropractor by training, however, I actually do a lot of wellness coaching and teach people how to maintain their health and if their health is compromised teach them how to improve their health and maintain that status. I was introduced to LIMU by a patient who shared some miraculous results that he had. So I got interested and he told me I could research the product on pubmed.gov. So, I did my due diligence and looked up the product and I was really amazed at the amount of research that was being done on fucoidan with over 1000 studies currently having been done. One study showed how fucoidan improved the healing ability by decreasing the amount of inflammation in the traumatized area and thereby decreasing the amount of further injury and creating a better result. I do work out and when you work out you are causing inflammation to occur. What I noticed is that my recovery time was better and my cardiovascular health improved. I wanted to make sure it was due to LIMU so I got off all other products and definitely feel the improvement and better recovery, increase in strength and better cardiovascular rate is due to LIMU.

Limu is a natural, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO whole food nutrition product.  In 2012 LIMU became Kosher certified.

Disclaimer:  “LIMU products are not drugs and have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are simply dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease. While your body may experience amazing positive health responses when you feed it the right nutritional building blocks, and there is indeed reliable scientific evidence supporting the beneficial effect key ingredients of LIMU products have on the immune system, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support some of the specific therapeutic results reported by users of the product. We therefore promote LIMU products for their benefit on the immune.”



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