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When life gives you an opportunity to make a difference, even if the task is difficult, take it as a blessing.

~Susanna Sisson


Begin ~ Build ~ Be More

“Entrepreneurs are builders, and the successful ones have not only a great idea, product, or service – they do not work alone.  It is not about building the biggest team or building faster than the next person, it is about building the RIGHT team.  I have encouraged every person who has joined me in business to begin, because I saw greatness in them. That is why 2K VIP is the most important position in The LIMU Company.  Imagine finding just 3 people with your drive, with your vision, with your willingness to endure and work every day and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Success means understanding the power of leveraging time, energy, and working together~!”
~Susanna Sisson
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Where are YOUR Shoes Taking YOU?!?
Top 10 Reasons Some of Your Friends Will ALWAYS BE SICK, TIRED & BROKE!

“There is NOTHING to FEAR but FEAR itself!”

~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

10. I don’t have time


Really? I see a lot of people on FB most of the time playing games and posting recipes and other people’s quotes and updating everyone when they break a nail or the cat/dog/baby/bf/gf does something cute? Ok, maybe your BF did something stupid, but seriously! Come on! This is the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. EVERYONE HAS TIME TO TALK TO 1-2 PEOPLE A DAY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT WILL CHANGE THEIR HEALTH AND/OR FINANCES!

a stop scrolling FBIf you have time for facebook, you have time to build a DREAM~!

If you share the product and ask just 1 person a day to join you in this incredible business that’s 365 people a year! Even if just 10 of those people join, you will have a massive team effort as they duplicate what you teach them to do. This is a GREAT business for students, even those in high school, because it’s part time. One young man I know, a dental student, make 485K last year while in school!

9. I don’t know anyone.


How many people are in your phone or are your FB friends? Are you telling me you just stalk people and add them on FB just for the heck of it? Why are those contacts in your phone if you don’t KNOW them???? You only need 3 MOTIVATED FRIENDS/FAMILY to join your team, and then you help them find 3 MOTIVATED FRIENDS/FAMILY. And so on…it’s SIMPLE! It’s just PAYING IT FORWARD! I’ve met a lot of people on FB and when I can I help them-not necessarily with LIMU either, but I eventually share my experience and they usually listen! LIMU is about relationships, so if you build it they will come. Remember when you were a kid and got your friends together to play a sport?  Well, this is the same team building you did as a kid!!

A team

a pardue

Shannon & Rachette Pardue Ruston, Louisiana “Limusiana”

The LIMU Dream Team

8. I’m not good at sales.

GREAT! Neither am I. As a LIMU PROMOTER I DON’T SELL ANYTHING! I PROMOTE BETTER HEALTH and THE BEST OPPORTUNITY around! I just do what I’ve done since I was about 5 years old – telling my friends about something I like. THEN it was a new toy, bike, a great band or movie. NOW it’s an incredible experience and product that has CHANGED MY LIFE!!

i don't sell LIMU

7. I don’t need better nutrition, I eat well already.

WRONG! That organic produce in your basket was grown from the same mineral depleted soil as the non-organic and there’s no guarantee that it’s pesticide or toxin free. Ever heard of run-off or ACID RAIN?

a corn

An ear of corn today is inedible (GMO) and causes diseases – but even if it wasn’t – you’d have to eat about 17 to equal the nutrition in 1 ear of corn 50 years ago. I stopped eating corn in 1977!

For the first time in history kids are dying before their parents of preventable diseases caused by poor nutrition, GMO’s, and processed foods!

6. I already have a good job and great benefits.

Residual income

Yes, I remember that (shudder)…working for someone else and BUILDING THEIR DREAM! I call that the 40/40/40 plan. Working 40 hours a week, for 40 years to retire at 40% of your pay AND THEN DIE!

Traffic Jam

Back then I fought weather and traffic commuting to work. I had to rely on someone else to care for my children. I usually worked overtime and weekends!  Does that sound familiar?

Most people, even with “good” jobs, still live paycheck to paycheck and are always complaining of being broke. Most are just one medical emergency from bankruptcy. Most are expendable!  What if next week you get laid off and can’t find another job.

EVERYONE IN AMERICA and even other countries (THE LIMU COMPANY IS IN 22) – NEEDS A PLAN ‘B’ – PERIOD! Economists will tell you that’s a FACT, especially in this economy! You never know when the job you and your family count on may be GONE!  Besides, do you KNOW how much you can save on your taxes by having your own business in addition to your current job where you are expendable?

5. I don’t need a new car.


A LIMU RideReal LIMU Promoters ~ Real BMW Owners ~ 17 of Them! ~ Tupelo, Mississippi

That’s great!!  But do you have a car payment?  Would you like to get RID of that car payment?  And even IF your car is paid off, The LIMU Company rewards you with either $600/mo toward driving a new, used (<5 years old) or leased black BMW or if you opt out of our BMW program, $300/mo extra cash instead…FOR LIFE! Who do YOU know that could use and extra $300-$600 per month for the rest of their lives in addition to residual income and tax benefits?

4. I’m afraid of talking to people.  DON’T be – You are going to have the time of your LIFE~Partying!

She who parties the most ~ WINS!

~Salien Liles

I may be blond but I’m NOT stupid!

~Salien Liles


Then use social media and let ME talk to them with and for you. That’s MY job as your mentor. You’re the PREVIEW and I’m the MOVIE!  I do it every day and I’m GOOD at talking, training, and explaining.

Limu Studies editApril 9, 2014  1139 Studies,

Once you feel comfortable you will pay it forward. This ISN’T rocket science, and you don’t need to be a product expert. We KNOW the products work, and we let the science behind the products – 1136 independent, third party studies – tell the story. You’re just sharing stories about how the product helped YOU or someone you know either with better health or better finances.

True Leaders

Pretty simple, right? Trust me, you already do this in other aspects of  your life without realizing and it’s easy! You’re just going to sit down with your besties, a LIMU shot and watch a short video.


3. What if I fail?

A dream

Ok, worst case scenario. What if?  You won’t but, let’s pretend.


You fail. So what? When you fell off your bicycle the first time did you give up?  When you walked into your first job interview, assuming you didn’t get that job, did you stop looking?  NO!


Sure, someone might tell you “no” until they hear the whole story and that’s ok. A “no” isn’t really a “no”, it’s “not now”. Besides you don’t want everyone to join your team, you want the right people, and if it isn’t the right time for them, it will be later.

a successful kid

There are plenty of people looking for better health and an opportunity.  While I believe EVERYONE needs LIMU and EVERYONE can benefit from having a “Plan B” you have to love everyone where they’re at – at the time. It’s called RESPECT!


Just don’t ever give a friend only enough information to make a BAD DECISION! NEVER assume your friend doesn’t need this opportunity or health benefits from the product and NEVER make that decision for them! Share but share the WHOLE STORY – both health and financial benefits!



~Shannon Pardue - Top Earner The LIMU Company

You will work with a team of experienced people who support, train, and mentor you until you’re ready to do that for the next person!

2. I’m too sick to have my own business/I’m on disability/etc.

No Excuses

That’s terrible and I’m genuinely sorry, BUT that’s an excuse! I know people who were so sick they were in a wheelchair when they found LIMU and are healthy today and many are debt free with high 6 figure incomes. I know people who were on disability and didn’t know how they were going to pay their electric or water bill much less buy food and they are driving BMW’s and taking incredible family vacations paid for by The LIMU Company. I know people who were on so much medication there was NO CHANCE they were going to get better because CHEMICALS MAKE YOU SICK AND SICKER and NOW they only drink LIMU and are off those chemicals. I know people who could not get life insurance who now have policies. I could go on, but my point is, if you’re THAT SICK, YOU NEED LIMU MORE THAN ANYONE I CAN THINK OF!!!  AND I’LL BET YOU KNOW OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THE SAME BOAT!

Limu Feb Meds

LIMU Now Meds

LIMU contains FUCOIDAN – Look Fucoidan up at www.pubmed.gov and read! The LIMU products are superfood nutrition and contain everything your body needs to balance hormones, improve your immune system, get rid of inflammation and prevent health issues to begin with. Read a few of the success stories here – www.limunation.com.

And the number 1 reason NOT to join this or any other business: (and stay sick, tired & BROKE)

1.     I can’t afford to join your business/be a customer.

Well, here’s the TRUTH – You can’t afford NOT to!

With The LIMU Company business you’ll get:

  • Great LEADERS & SUPPORT – I can’t say enough about our leadership in The LIMU Company. I am privileged and proud to work with people in this company that go the extra mile to help other be successful.  In addition we have the best technology and tools in the industry.

a ceo

Gary Raser CEO

a leader

Corporate Team

A Rowdy Gaines

Rowdy Gaines Brand Ambassador Olympic Gold Medalist

Follow Rowdy on Twitter


Rowdy Ready

  • Tax deductions – (Deduct a % of your rent/mortgage, cell phone, utility bills, office equipment, computer or laptop, internet, a new TV or VCR to show people THE LIMU EXPERIENCE, food you serve at parties, the family vacation you can’t afford to take but can write off if you talk to anyone about LIMU while on that trip, your car, your gas, anything that helps you or your need to do this business.)


  • FREE PRODUCT The LIMU Company wants everyone from babies to baby boomers and beyond to be able to drink LIMU – it’s THAT IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE’S NUTRITION! So, they have a 3 for FREE program. When you and 3 friends are drinking LIMU, you only pay the cost of shipping.  We help everyone do the same. It doesn’t get any better than that!

a 3 for Free

  • FREE BUSINESS When you join The LIMU Company at the business level and get 3 friends to join your team in the first 30 days (45 if after the 15th of the month due to rollover) you get your investment back.  That is the most important level called 2K VIP. Then you’ll just duplicate that process for your 3 friends and so on and so on. It’s how we build teams.  That enables the new person to be profitable within the first 30 days. Some people do that on Day 1 and we encourage you to have a list of 10 friends and 10 family members to talk to the first week and we help.  The beauty of The LIMU Company is the willingness of every person to help the new person!

a 2k vip1

2K VIP ~ The Most Important Person in The LIMU Company

a limu bonus monopoly

Prosperity Plan pdf

  • EARN A BMW – When you help 10 friends duplicate 2K VIP you qualify to drive a black BMW paid for by LIMU.

a limu BMW winner

Gerry & LaLaine Catapang Experience Story

BMW name

  • YOU GET PAID 13 WAYS  Payday in The LIMU Company is every Wednesday and get a bonus check every month. These get bigger and you get paid more as you get promoted in The LIMU Company. At first that extra money helps you make it from payday to payday and feed your kids or put gas in your car. Once you have 10 team members at the basic level you qualify for the BMW and again we help.

a limu BMW CLUB

  • SAVE ON YOUR FOOD BILL – I save 30-50% or more on the food I used to buy.  I eat better because I don’t want to put expensive processed crap in my body and I eat less because of better nutrition.


  • LOOK BETTER – You don’t NEED expensive fake nails because yours will be healthy and beautiful!  Same goes for cosmetics and hair. Why? Because LIMU is not only a superfood and the best nutrition on the planet which helps with nail, hair and skin, it has anti-aging properties at the cellular level.

Jonathan Pavlicek

Jonathan Pavlik

  • FEEL BETTERYou’ll have more energy, fewer aches, pain, and problems if you drink LIMU – there are 1136 studies at www.pubmed.gov that explain why that statement is true.


  • BE BETTER – What makes most people feel good? Helping other people!  You PAY IT FORWARD in both HEALTH AND FINANCES!  Do you do that now in whatever you do? I hope so, but most people are struggling in those areas themselves and it’s hard to pay forward what you don’t have, isn’t it? Helping others attain BETTER HEALTH and achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM – There’s no better feeling in the world I assure you!

A Gary Raser

Gary Raser CEO The LIMU Company Pays It Forward (video)

  • PAY OFF DEBT – you may have a great job but what if you were making an extra house or car payment every month? Did you know just by doing that you can shave YEARS off loans and interest payments? If that was possible you could invest in another home or do many things you can’t when money is an issue. Money isn’t everything unless you don’t have enough!

a debt

  • Win Prizes by sharing YOUR EXPERIENCE STORY! – The LIMU Company gives away millions to it’s promoters in cash, trips and prizes just for sharing their stories. $8Million – That’s how much we’ve given away in product, prizes, trips and CASH to our AMAZING LIMU EXPERIENCE WINNERS – and we can’t wait to give away MILLIONS MORE! Meet the amazing people below who have walked across out LIMU LIVE state to claim their prize. From iPads to all expenses paid vacation to free product with out 3 for FREE program, LIMU is changing the network marketing game in a BIG way. You don’t have to be a top seller within LIMU to win – heck, you could win a hot spot prize by just attending! It’s simple, share with us your story about how LIMU has changed your life, attend LIMU LIVE! And YOU could be next! We can’t wait for you to join us onstage and add you to our winners below!

A winner JeniWinner Experience Story 50K Juli Braswell 

Raser Yacht Blu Frog

My “Dream” Only a Sailboat!

  • RESIDUAL INCOME – If you don’t understand this term let me explain.  Let’s say you were in a movie, wrote a book or song, or became a LIMU promoter.  Every time that movie or song played, or someone bought your book, every time your customer or your teammates customers purchase LIMU wholesale from The LIMU Company – YOU GET PAID!  Now, when you sell a Big Mac, or a car, does McDonald’s or the dealership give you money the next day, the next week, the next month and the next year for selling their burgers or cars? NO!! Residual income will pay you and your children and grandchildren for years to come!

a residual income

  • Even More Security for YOUR FAMILY – The LIMU Company business is completely willable to whoever you choose. This business is just like any other you would leave to your spouse, significant other, children or charity.
  • SPEAKING OF CHARITIES – The LIMU Company believes in GIVING BACK!  We donate to various charities and so do our promoters. It’s a good feeling to be able to share the wealth!

a LIMU award

  • MORE TIME WITH FAMILY – This is important to most people and the biggest complaint I hear from parents. They are SICK of someone else raising their kids!  They HATE not being home to make dinner or have the energy to go out and play ball. Their family and relationships suffer because they are tired or have to work – a job 85% of people DESPISE and DREAD GOING TO EVERY DAY! That is the number one complaint I hear and one of the biggest problems in society today.

a limu trip award

Let me ask you a simple question. 

What’s stopping YOU from making a change?



“It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky it happens once on a lifetime.”
~Michael Eisner American Businessman CEO Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney
a Success Mag
Success From Home Magazine ~ Volume 9 Issue 10 October 2013
I talk a lot about the health benefits of the great nutrition in LIMU but I want to share the financial blessing as well…because if my friends haven’t understood that the products WORK and do amazing things by now, then I need to call each and every one of you and explain.
The entire magazine above was dedicated to The LIMU Company in October of 2013. Why? Because The LIMU Company is one of the fastest growing and exceptional companies in this industry. Most of the promoters are young men and women who have never been in a MLM business. The company has even coined a phrase for them, “YoPros”.
The LIMU Company stands ABOVE every company I’ve even looked at in the last 30 years and I looked at and PASSED on almost every one.  The one I did get involved with made me SICK…and ruined my thyroid almost to the point of being non-functional.  Thank God and my friend Monica for sharing LIMU and for my renewed health and an answer to my health issues and that of both daughters.
NOW…some facts on having a “Plan B” business.  The Harvard Business School did a study and put together a checklist of what to look for in a business and explains some key points.
1.  The company should be at least 18 months old – Why? Because 90% of businesses fail in the first 18 months….The LIMU Company has been rock solid and debt free since day 1 – 2004.
2.  The products WORK –  There are thousands of INDEPENDENT, peer reviewed research studies on the ingredients in our products with 1106 on Fucoidan alone at pubmed.gov.
3.  The products are highly consumable and UNIQUE – The LIMU Company has an exclusive patented extraction process to manufacture LIMU under FDA approval in New Zealand where stricter rules apply than in the USA.  The LIMU Company has an exclusive 99  year contract with the government of Tonga to harvest this amazing brown seaweed.
4.  The company should be highly funded – Without a doubt being debt free from Day 1 and a knocking on the door of being a $100Million dollar Health/Nutrition business, The LIMU Company meets that criteria.
5.  Timing and Positioning – Not only in business but in the atmosphere of consumers – if less than .5 of 1% of the population is in a business it’s considered a ground floor opportunity.  There are a little over 300 million people in the USA.  So, if you do the math….half of 1% would be 1.5 million people and THAT would be considered a ground floor opportunity.  The LIMU company has 140,000 distributors!   The LIMU Company is currently in the countries listed in the column on the left.
The Harvard Study goes on to say that if less than 500.000 distributors were involved it would be “cutting edge” and if less than 100,000 were involved it would be considered “ONCE IN A LIFETIME”.
Guys…we HAVE a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY….and I want to bring my friends and family along with me, lock arms and reach out for FREEDOM!!!   Financial Freedom and Freedom from the burdens of BAD HEALTH.  LIMU works if you do ~ even just a few hours a week!
In addiction to an EXCEPTIONAL COMPANY with products that WORK and are UNIQUE, the TAX BENEFITS are the same as those for any HUGE CORPORATION!   Another study on taxation states that having a second JOB is the DUMBEST thing anyone can do, but having a “Plan B” home based business is the SMARTEST!
Guys…this IS the smartest thing any of you could do and it’s the ONE company and product that I feel should TRULY be a household name and the products in everyone’s bodies.   If you think our government care or that they will support you financially or in sickness when you are broke and your health is going downhill…THINK AGAIN!!!

 Things That Make You Go HMMMMMMMM….

Invest in YourselfI’m not a newbie to MLM’s. I was an advisor for another nutrition company but I just couldn’t get past the fact that they SAID their products were “all natural” yet they were full of artificial sweetners.  HMMMMMMMMMMMM….

But that’s not really what I wanted to say. I went into nursing for a coulple of reasons. One, after putting my ex-husband through school with the agreement he would help me with med school and he skipped out 3 days after graduation, that kinda put the idea of medical school with a toddler on a back burner. So, I went to nursing school. My mother and two sisters are nurses and it’s certainly an honorable and needed profession.

Choose Right Business

But, while I worked hard I didn’t really feel that my WHY was being met….I had wanted to help people since I was a little kid. I used to open the door for people at Buddy’s supermarket while my momma shopped before there were automatic doors. I started studying about cancer at 16 when my beloved grandmother “Big” got sick and I hoped someday to find the “Magic Bullet” in order to help others.  I studied nutrition from that time on, too, and I worked hard and got my ADN and BSN in nursing and started my MSN. I became a massage therapist because I knew massage helped people; stress can kill after all. I continued to study about nutrition. I sent people to Whole Foods or some other health food store for natural remedies. I used them myself.

Then I got into that aforementioned MLM thinking…”OK, I won’t have to send people to Whole Foods anymore…”  But after a while I realized those supplement products weren’t helping me (and sucralose was B-A-D BAD) and so, I stopped telling people about that company. Back to sending people to Whole Foods.


I watched as people I knew got older and sicker…even my kid who suffered from an auto-immune disease and arthiritis and I kept searching. I watched my friends and family die of cancer and other diseases. Some young, some old. I watched friend’s children die and I still looked for that “Magic Bullet” and I tried to help people with sick kids find answers. Not much helped. I did the same for my adult friends who began to be diagnosed with high BP, high cholesterol, diabetes, cirrhosis, MS and many other serious things. And while a better diet, exercise, and supplements helped a little they weren’t really getting better and the drugs their doctors were prescribing were merely masking the problem.


In Sept 2012, a good friend who cared about me told me about LIMU. She actually told me about it in July but I THOUGHT it was just another antioxidant drink so I deleted her emails and wouldn’t pick up the phone. When guilt got the better of me I’d answer and say, “Well, I’d LOVE to come to your party but I THINK I’m busy this weekend.” That went on for a while. Then she told me it helped her dad’s leg after a brown recluse spider bit him. I knew what that was like because I had to have surgery on my leg for the same thing 17 years ago. Sooooooooo, I started reading her emails and then she sent me to www.pubmed.gov to read about FUCOIDAN. I started reading the medical studies…I had read hundreds, if not thousands when I was working for a company in Japan editing medical abstracts so with my nursing background it was pretty easy to understand and pretty clear what she via her daddy, via the pastor whose husband with MS for almost 15 years and was in a wheelchair with a pain pump but was walking in less than a month on LIMU had found. I had my first inkling that my friend just might have turned me on to the “Magic Bullet”!!!! I IMMEDIATELY called and asked her when the next PARTY was happening. Party….NOT a boring meeting. It wasn’t until Saturday so I had almost a whole week to read about FUCOIDAN. I didn’t sleep much that week. I read until late in the night and I got up early to read MORE!

Be More

By Saturday I KNEW that if her SEAWEED stuff didn’t taste like my Uncle Sam’s feet smelled that I was IN!!! I tasted all the products and they were actually GOOD. Just a sample of Blufrog (not even a whole can) and my hunger was gone. The LEAN shake wasn’t grainy or chalky and it was delicious. I WAS IN!!! I handed her my credit card and said, “Sign ME UP!” I told a few friends and my family and within a week or so, I had my money back and got my 28 year old daughter her own LIMU business. We got that money back and I did the same for my teenage daughter who wasn’t even old enough to work yet but now had her own business.

i don't sell LIMUThe best thing about The LIMU Company and the exceptional products is that as a promoter I don’t have to chase anyone, alienate my friends and family or keep a garage full of products because LIMU promoters just share their health and financial experiences with people who need both better health and better finances and show them how to get the products at wholesale cost much like Sam’s Club or Costco.

Both of my daughters had health problems and within weeks both were better.  My oldest daughter Lauren,  has had arthritis since she was 13, but once on LIMU the inflammation decreased and she was pain free in 6 weeks.  As an added bonus she lost 37 pounds in 8 weeks. Ally, my 16 year old (then 15) lost 10 pounds on the products and was no longer having diarrhea and vomiting from IBS in less than a week. I have lost 50 pounds since becoming a LIMU drinker.  NOW I can tell you the rest of the story….The “other MLM”…well I never made one thin dime. In fact, I lost about 15K AND the products ruined my health, burned up my throid, and made me fat because they contained artificial sweeteners (sucralose).


I began sharing with everyone I knew and anyone who would listen.  Sure there are skeptics, just like I was, but, you just have to “love them where they’re at in life” and consider that the timing might not be right now, but the products and the business are certainly right!  You can’t go wrong by sharing an answer for better health and financial freedom for everyone!  With The LIMU Company I’ve found my “Why”!


LIMU turned my health AND finances around and by sharing with my daughters, friends, and other family I’ve helped them. My 16 year old has her own business and is working on a earing a BMW with LIMU and doesn’t even have her driver’s license yet!!! I’ve been a nurse for 25 years and worked ICU* my whole career and while I loved every minute and wouldn’t change a thing… I feel I’ve helped more people with their health in the last 18 months than I did in all 25 years put together. You’re never too old to learn something or help another human being!! I wasn’t….and I’m glad I finally listened to my friend Monica Davidson!

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