“Fucoidan may be one of the most important discoveries of our lifetime, that of our children, and grandchildren.”

~ Susanna Sisson

Fucoidan Research
Fucoidan resizedBrown seaweed, the source of fucoidan, is rich in nutritional value which stems largely from its native environment–the sea. Fucoidan is rich in calcium, iodine, zinc, iron, selenium and vitamin A. These nutrients are essential for proper functioning of the immune, circulatory and neurological systems.

Studies have shown that fucoidan possesses anti-cancer and anti-clotting effects. It is helpful for joint pain, liver support, cardiac function and digestion. It has also been claimed to enhance skin tissue, aid in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and improve cellular protection and regeneration.

A few other benefits of Fucoidan that have been researched are:

* Fucoidan supports the normal disposal of non-native cells.

* Fucoidan may help stimulate immune response when the body is attacked.

* Fucoidan helps modulate the immune system.

* Fucoidan supports normal cellular health.

* Fucoidan supports blood circulation to native body cells.

* Fucoidan may help regenerate healthy skin tissue.

* Fucoidan supports healthy joint mobility at all ages.

Go ahead and Google the word “Fucoidan” along with keyword scholarly articles. You’ll be amazed at how many studies exist and the promising results that many researchers have elucidated on and foresee in the future.

Eating right, exercising, and using moderation in things like alcohol are all things we can do to help our bodies stay healthy and promote our immune system health. But do all of us do all of the right things for our bodies? Doesn’t it make sense to start taking supplements to ensure our bodies are healthy? That we strengthen and maintain our immune system? Doesn’t it make sense to start adding Fucoidan to our daily diet?

***Fucoidan, which is considered by some as the “miracle nutrient”, is a sulfated polysaccharide found mainly in various species of brown seaweed such as kombu, limu moui, bladderwrack, wakame, mozuku, and hijiki (variant forms of fucoidan have also been found in animal species, including the sea cucumber).

Beginning around 1970 researchers began studying fucoidan, and since that time fucoidan has been cited in over 1300 studies published in the National Library of Medicine’s data base www.pubmed.gov. However, including other data bases the number of studies increases dramatically to er 22,000 studies on fucoidan.  The overall findings of this large body of research, coupled with anecdotal evidence provided by a long history of use of the fucoidan-bearing seaweed in areas such as Tonga, Hawaii and Japan indicates that fucoidan might be used as a safe, nutritional answer to a wide variety of health complaints.

Historical medicinal uses of seaweed are vast and ranged from topical burn and goiter therapy to the softening of tumors. These ancient civilizations may not have known that it was the fucoidan contained in these plants that gave them their beneficial properties, but they did know the plants offered powerful healing benefits.

The renowned longevity and good health of the Tongan people, especially statistically lower incidences of cancers and other diseases that plague the Western world, has piqued the interest of the medical and scientific communities who are keen to unlock the secret of this gift from the sea.


By absorbing trace minerals and vitamins from the nourishing waters, limu moui contains no less than 77 nutrients, including C, E and multiple B vitamins, selenium, beta-carotene, protein, iodine, calcium and iron. But the key ingredient of limu that is attracting the most attention is an essential sugar compound, a polysaccharide or glyconutrient called fucoidan.

Medical treatments today focus on drugs and surgery, but there is a growing awareness in the health community of the tremendous potential of natural alternatives, especially researched super nutrients like the fucoidan found in limu moui. Fucoidan contains all of the eight simple sugars. These simple sugars are necessary for cell-to-cell communication and a healthy immune system. Although these nutrients are essential, there lacking in most of our diets.

LIMU FUCOIDAN 2There are two studies out of Canada that show fucoidan may be a potential therapy for Alzheimer’s disease. One study showed that fucoidan inhibited the advancement of several chronic degenerative diseases, including hardening and narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis), heart attack (myocardial infarction) and Alzheimer’s disease.

Fucoidan has potent anticoagulant and antithrombin activities that prevent harmful blood clots from forming in blood vessels. This is important because right now the drugs used to treat and prevent clot formation are difficult to use and can be downright dangerous if not monitored closely. This is one of the most studied areas for fucoidan with at least 50 studies on the subject as evidenced by a National Library of Medicine Pub Med search.

****The use of fucoidan as a possible new cancer therapy is a key area of interest in the scientific and medical communities. There are more than 300 studies related to fucoidan and cancer. Glyconutrients are credited with combating breast, gastric and lung cancers, as well as other types of cancer and leukemia.

Fucoidan’s activity appears to be antiangiogenic. Antiangiogenesis is a hot topic in anti-cancer therapy. To put it simply, fucoidan appears to stop the production of new blood vessels in cancerous tumors. We do not want cancerous tumor to make new blood vessels because that supplies them with the food to grow. With that in mind, consider what researchers at Fukuoka University in Japan found after they investigated whether fucoidan could counter cancerous tumors through antiangiogenesis. They found that both natural fucoidan and over-sulfated fucoidan both appear to block blood vessel formation known as angiogenesis which usually accompanies the growth of malignant tissue in cancerous tumors.

Cutting off a tumor’s blood supply is just one way of fighting cancer. Another way is to get the cancer cells to die through a process called apoptosis, or programmed cell death. Apoptosis occurs naturally in the live cycle of a cell, when cancer begins taking over cells and making them grow wildly out of control or proliferate, rather than dying at their prescribed time. Fucoidan has been found in many studies to promote apoptosis in cancer cells.

Inflammation plays a role in many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers’s disease, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and many others. Swedish scientists from Lund University in Malmo found that fucoidan inhibits the adhesion molecules known as P and E selectins, appeared to improve symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease in mice and points to the crucial role that this type of selectin-inhibition, may play in the treatment of the disease in humans.


Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide that occurs naturally in several types of brown seaweed, one of the world’s most widespread forms of marine algae. Polysaccharides are carbohydrates made up of multiple monosaccharides, the basic building blocks of all carbohydrates. In vitro studies have produced promising evidence that fucoidan may have health benefits for humans, according to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. While edible seaweeds are a mainstay of Far Eastern cuisines, they are not yet that common in Western dining.

Immunosupportive Properties

Eating foods rich in fucoidan can help your immune system fight off infection and disease. One of the most powerful health benefits claimed for fucoidan is its functional support of the body’s immune system, according to clinical nutritionist Ken Babal, author of “Seafood Sense.” He cites numerous studies that have focused on this aspect of fucoidan’s medicinal properties. Babal notes that one researcher likened the nutritional makeup of fucoidan to that of breast milk, “the most perfect immune-supporting food known.” The polysaccharide gives the immune system a big boost by enhancing phagocytosis, the process through which white blood cells attack and destroy pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. Fucoidan also increases the number of mature white blood cells that are circulating in your body, thus bolstering the first line of defense against infection and disease.

Anticancer Properties

A diet high in fucoidan may also help prevent and treat cancer. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center says several laboratory studies have shown that fucoidan has medicinal properties that could be helpful in combating some forms of cancer. The center cites one study that showed fucoidan appears to inhibit the spread of cancerous cells by preventing the adhesion of tumor cells to the extracellular matrix. In another study, fucoidan induced apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in human T-cell leukemia virus type I, or HTLV-1, that causes adult T-cell leukemia. The polysaccharide paves the way for apoptosis by inactivating NF-kB, a naturally occurring substance that regulates antiapoptotic proteins.

Fucoidan Sea Weed – The Future of Cancer Treatment?

Fucoidan Seaweed

Could fucoidan seaweed be a future of treatment for cancers? Seaweed used as a treatment or prevention of disease goes back at least as far as ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used seaweed to treat breast cancer. Interestingly today’s postmenopausal Japanese women have only one-ninth the amount of breast cancer as do women in the United States.

There are many studies that have been and still being carried out using fucoidan. At the PubMed site alone there are well over 1300 studies on the health benefits of fucoidan and about 90 studies specific to fucoidan as a cancer treatment.

Fucoidan is a complex polysaccharide composed in large part of fucopyranoside and natural sulfate that is found in certain brown seaweeds. Some of the seaweeds that fucoidan is found in are kombu, wakame, mozuku, hijiki, limu, plus animals like the sea cucumber. It has anti-tumor properties and studies have shown in petrie dishes that this substance causes certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct.

What are cancer cells and why are they so dangerous?

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. Cells are always dying and being born. Cells that form cancer will display uncontrolled growth and be invasive, intruding upon and destroying adjacent tissues that can spread through the lymphatic and blood systems to other parts of the body. Cancer cells are so deadly because they do not die off. They live and multiply forever.

Cancer cells when in the presence of certain substances, such as fucoidan, and placed in an unusual environmental condition may self-destruct and disappear altogether. This phenomenon of self-destruction is called apoptosis. Apoptosis is a normal process, old cells naturally die off and new ones are born. The body will activate a natural program that is in the makeup of cells that renders the blueprint, the DNA, useless. By doing this, the body manages to eliminate harmful cells from their systems. Our bodies are beautiful creations as all this can happen without any harm to the normal, healthy cells.

Seaweed, also known as sea vegetables, has been a mainstay of the Japanese diet from the ancient times. Okinawa, Japan residents have one of the highest per capita consumption rate of the sea vegetable kombu and they have the privilege of having some of the highest life expectancies in Japan.

Fucoidan is the exciting future to cancer treatment. In studies on fucoidan has been found to cause self-destruction of cells in leukemia, breast, lymphoma, colorectal, and stomach cancers. Along with this substance is also known for its significant immune boosting effects, helps reduce blood cholesterol and is effective in the treatment of meningitis cases.

Should the word “Cancer” scare you?

Yes, and no.  Although you probably think it will never happen to you, in the US one in every 2 men and one in every 3 women will be diagnosed with some form of Cancer and the Canadian statistics are very similar. Cancer is not the only disease that we should be concerned about in today’s environment, depending on underlying factors the flu or the common cold could be deadly to some people. Due to poor diets, lack of exercise and daily stress most immune systems are so far out of balance they could not even begin to protect us against the smallest of infections or bacteria.

So have you ever heard of Fucoidan?

Like many the answer to this question is “no”.  Well, let me attempt to give you some valuable information in this article that may save your life or the life of loved ones.

Fucoidan is like a closely guarded secret, as an antioxidant it has certainly piqued the interest of many scientists. Fucoidan has been scientifically proven to enhance immunity and cellular health to the point where it helps heal wounds, supports normal blood pressure, detoxifies the body against heavy metals, helps prevent the common colds and flu as well as, yes fight Cancer. There I said it. Fight Cancer.

Having dealt with some serious health issues over the past 3 years, I have taken it upon myself to obtain extensive education in the wellness industry. I was never one who liked putting prescription chemicals into my body as the side effects of many drugs are far worse than the original problem. I am sure that there are many positive health care stories out there however all you hear are the negative with most having tragic and sad endings. I feel it necessary to take ownership of your own health care because no one knows your body better that you do.

Well, let’s get to the interesting stuff, as humans we are born with an immune system that protects our body from foreign viruses, bacteria, harmful substances, and bad cells. When our body or immune system is off balance, which can happen because of many different reasons we end up sick and in some cases terminally ill.

Did you know that there is a natural dietary supplement which we can consume that will strengthen our immune system and help keep it in balance? It is an active ingredient call Fucoidan and it is found in nearly all brown algae seaweed. It is a commonly known fact that seaweed is very good for you, however, many people do not have the ability to ingest it. I for one cannot handle the taste or texture of the stuff. Some cultures are nearly cancer free and it has been deemed that in part is due to their high intake of brown algae seaweed.

SeaweedWithin the molecular structure of Fucoidan is the presence of fucose which is a healing sugar however not to be confused with fructose. Fucose is also found abundantly in human breast milk, that is why most new mothers are encouraged to breast feed their babies to give them a good head start in life, boost their immune system and fight off any virus or disease.

To obtain Fucoidan seaweed is harvested by just cutting off the growing tips of the sea plant which will allow the plant to continue to grow and provide a never ending supply of Fucoidan. Scientific studies have been carried out and continue to be done to grasp a full understanding of the healing magic of Fucoidan. Don’t just take my word for it, do your own homework and you will quickly realize like I, that this is one of the best-kept secrets in the wellness industry. Unfortunately, most people just don’t know about it and because being sick is a multi-billion dollar industry; the advertisement of natural supplements is suppressed. To really understand why and how the natural supplement business is suppressed I recommend you read Kevin Trudeau’s book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”. It will certainly open your mind and give you something to think about, I found it to be a fantastic read.

Our immune system is very complex and so is the make-up of Fucoidan and how it works. My goal with this article is to make you aware of its existence, how it works and why it works I will leave that up to the scientists to explain. Many of the global scientific studies can be found at pubmed.gov.


The money spent to cure and treat cancer is significant, in the US alone the estimate for 2005 is around $200 billion. Almost everyone has been touched by cancer, some closer than others.

To date (March 20, 2012) there are 1134 studies on fucoidan at www.pubmed.gov, that scientifically prove the health benefits of Fucoidan with consistent results, 132 of those deal specifically with cancer. It’s hard to brush that off. Yes, scientists have established that Fucoidan stimulates the death of certain cancer cells, as well as slows down the growth and spreading of such cells. While the research is still ongoing and there is much to be done the initial results known so far are extremely positive. One thing I’ve learned from being in the medical field for the last 25 years is that researchers do not pour precious resources into the study of anything that does not show significant promise.  Fucoidan works at a cellular level without negative side effects.

Cancer treatments place the entire body in jeopardy in order to kill cancer cells and, unfortunately, healthy cells are often damaged and the immune system is placed in total shock in the process. The price for cancer treatment has increased nearly 10 times in the past 20 years. Billions of dollars have been raised and placed into cancer research with no reliable solution in near site. Now don’t get me wrong, I feel that great strides have been made however it still seems hit and miss.

Imagine a natural immunity boost ingredient that would have no harmful side effects, would have multiple health benefits, would come from a renewable natural product, would be inexpensive, and would reduce the incidence of cancer, common cold, respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Fucoidan possess all of these ideal properties.

So why on earth is this not advertised, promoted or better understood? Remember before I said that being sick is a multi-billion dollar industry. Certain words are not allowed (especially in writing) when marketing natural immunity supplements, words like “cure, diagnose, treat and prevent” to name a few. The scientific community has provided sufficient evidence that Fucoidan can have a dramatic effect on cancer however it cannot be promoted as such. People who are diagnosed with cancer go into expensive chemo treatments with “no guarantee of success”, so why is the system not willing to suggest a natural alternative that has been scientifically proven?  Please tell me it is not about the money.

OK, so let me tell you what I do know about Fucoidan in politically correct statements that won’t get my behind in hot water if I have not done so already.

 • Fucoidan supports the normal disposal of non-native cells.

 • Fucoidan may help stimulate an immune response when the body is attacked.

 • Fucoidan helps modulate the immune system.

 • Fucoidan supports normal cellular health.

 • Fucoidan supports blood circulation to native body cells.

 • Fucoidan may help regenerate healthy skin tissue.

 • Fucoidan supports healthy joint mobility at all ages.

Cancer is a disease most people do not want to talk about and I can understand that; but what about the common viral cold, respiratory infections, and gastrointestinal infections?

Mineral Deficiencies Research & the Healing Power of Fucoidan:


1.  Why do I have to consider a nutritional supplement?

Because there are things that your body needs desperately that are not available any other way.

There is a great deal of evidence that the quality of our food is the major problem in human health today.

The decline in the mineral content of the farmland has severely compromised the quality of the food we eat.

In 1936, governmental scientists testified before the US senate that at least 95% of all Americans were mineral deficient at that time due to the mineral extraction from the soil without replacement from over-farming.

(From 2nd session of the 74th congress, US Senate document #264).In 1992 the Earth Summit Report issued in Rio de Janeiro reported that the decline in soil mineral values over the past 100 years were as follows:

Continent                                            % of Soil Minerals Depleted over 100 Years

North America                                     85%

South America                                    76%

Asia                                                    76%

Africa                                                  74%

Europe                                                72%

Australia                                              55%

Although there are a growing number of people who advocate getting all their vitamins and minerals by eating the 4 food groups, it is not a practical approach.  These people live in the same dream world as those who propose that everything will be OK if we would only allow organically produced foods.

Organic foods probably are somewhat better because they are generally pesticide free, but that’s just the point.  Pesticide free does not alter the fact that organic crops are grown on the same mineral deficient soils as other crops.



2.  What are the causes and consequences of the soil mineral and carbon depletion in North America?

At the end of WWII there was a tremendous capacity for synthetic nitrogen production.  Nowhere was it greater than in the U.S. This high production that was necessary in the manufacture of ammunition and explosives was destined to never really decline again.  There were two primary reasons for this continued production of nitrates. It appears that there was a position taken at high government levels that dictated we would never be caught short on nitrates as we had at the outbreak of both WWI and WWII.

This excess nitrogen production could be turned to agriculture to dramatically increase quantity of yield of many of the major crops.

By 1950 agriculture in the US and Canada were in the midst of the greatest revolution that agriculture has ever seen. The quantity of harvests was never higher and cheap food was fueling the economic upturn.  Heavy nitrogen utilization in agriculture fit into the scheme of things very well.



Heavy utilization of nitrogen fertilizers, lack of crop rotation and land fallowing very quickly “burned up” the soils stores of precious organic matter (carbon).  Without organic matter there was a rapid decline in plant health.

**Plant diseases began to become greater and greater threats.

**Insect attack became an epidemic.

**Weed and grass problems accelerated in scope.

Sciences answer to the newly encountered agricultural problems was to intervene with pesticides.

     • Fungicides for plant diseases.

     • Insecticides for insects attacking crops.

     • Herbicides to encounter the intrusion of unwanted species.

At the same time we were compromising our own health by eating foods that were practically devoid of any trace minerals, the general health of the plants we were consuming was declining to the point where they were susceptible to attack by insects and pathogens.


3.  Why is our food killing us?

There are many publications citing the damage done to human health by pesticides and chemical fertilizers, preservatives, and additives, along with other assorted complaints.

We agree that none of these substances are good for us, but we believe that the widespread use of pesticides in agricultural production is not the cause of the decline in the quality of human food.  The use of pesticides was dictated by the decline in the quality of the plants that we either consume directly or are used as a food source for the animals we consume for food.


Plants can grow and even thrive in soil environments that are deficient in many minerals.  These mineral deficiencies may be extensive enough to adversely affect human health.

While plants can survive in these conditions, man and animals totally depend on plants to harvest the minerals from the soil that are essential for human health.

Not only do plants deliver these critical nutrients from the soil, plants process them and deliver them in a bio-available form that humans can utilize.

When it comes to minerals, a plant cannot synthesize them.  The mineral content of the plant/crop can only reflect what is available to it.


Our bodies need at least 60 different minerals that are well documented and there are probably more or we begin to suffer from diseases that are triggered by these deficiencies.  If these minerals have been depleted in our agricultural soils and pasture lands and are not replaced there will be a terrible price to pay in declining human health.  Veterinarians have utilized minerals as a mainstay in their treatment of animal maladies for many years and minerals are almost universally utilized “free choice” to maintain animal health and performance.




4.  Is fixing the problem of agricultural soil demineralization a real option?

Some self-appointed experts point out that it is technically possible to re-mineralize the agricultural soils of this plant.  Well, it might be possible but is surely isn’t realistic.

Drs. Wallach and Malan in their fine work “Rare Earths Forbidden Cures” point out that it would require the equivalent of four feet (1.22 meters) of fine mineralized rock dust distributed over the earth’s surface each year to accomplish this re-mineralization.


The earth (soils) has been given a finite amount of life-sustaining minerals which may be supplemented from time to time by volcanic eruptions.  Perhaps the earth was rejuvenated somewhat during the age of glaciers but modern man has managed to squander this life giving blessing in a few short years.  There are some sincere attempts to rejuvenate agricultural soils by some plant food companies who are using composted animal manures fortified with synthetic fertilizers and various combinations of micronutrients.  While this approach is a decided improvement it does not even come close to addressing the full scope of the soil deficits.


5.  What about the organic route?

On the surface, this question makes a lot of sense because after all we didn’t have all of these problems when most of our food was grown under organic conditions.

Organic is generally better for us because it generally will have no pesticide residues, and because organic foods generally address the critical carbon availability issue.

Organically produced foods do tend to be produced on more CARBON rich soils than most other commercially produced foods.  Organic methods generally involve the concept of plowing under green manures and letting fields lie fallow in order to build organic matter or CARBON.  This is a decided improvement over food crops that are produced under highly intense, high synthetic fertilizer scenarios that only deplete the soil of its valuable CARBON which can only lead to increasing pressure from insects and plant diseases which will lead to increased pesticide usage and the risk of elevated pesticide residues on your food.

Some would argue that organic farming techniques and practices often rely heavily on animal manures and that these manures are the source of the minerals.  This argument simply will not hold up to any sort of scrutiny.

The organic producer gets the manure from animals that grazed on pastures and grasslands that were mineral deficient, so since the animal can’t manufacture minerals from their own accord there will be no minerals beyond a few that can be contained in the manure.

Other materials used in organic production such as blood meals and steam bone meal etc. are equally lacking in these critical minerals because the animals furnishing the raw materials were in all likelihood never exposed to the minerals themselves.

There is one key area where organically grown food is many times far superior to many of the other foods you have available in the local supermarket.  Organic foods are normally far less processed than their counterparts.  One need look at the critical minerals and vitamins that are removed from what in the modern milling process to see what a positive impact less processing has on foods we eat.


6.  Where did the minerals go?



A high percentage of the demineralization or mineral loss that the agricultural lands have experienced has been the result of erosion (water and to a lesser degree, wind) and where were the eroded minerals deposited?  The answer is obvious; the eroded minerals were deposited in the sea/oceans.

Even the minerals that have been lost for agricultural purposes from leaching usually find their way into ground water and are eventually dispersed in rivers and streams which of course take them to the sea.

Ocean currents that exist in the seas/oceans and prevailing winds have a tremendous influence on the movement of mineral-laden water within the oceans.  The ocean with its currents and the influence of heavier cold water meeting warmer waters dictate where the high concentration of the eroded minerals will be deposited.


7.  What is fucoidan?

Fucoidan could conceivably be one of the greatest discoveries in the past 25 years and although there has been a considerable amount of research done on this compound, not many people are familiar with it.

Fucoidan is a uniquely structured sulfated polysaccharide (i.e., a complex carbohydrate molecule) that provides functional support for the immune system in a multitude of ways.

Fucoidan has many roles in the human health issue these roles that are listed immediately below are limited to those roles that have been documented by scientific research.

VIRUS AND BACTERIA:  Japanese study finds that Fucoidan enhances the process whereby the white blood cells engulf, kill, digest, and eliminate harmful invaders such as viruses and bacteria.

NOTE:  This same study identified a strong anti-tumor activity of fucoidan.

CANCER:  Fucoidan has been shown to cause certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct.

NOTE:  In all cases the cancer cell destruction took place with no ill effects to surrounding healthy cells.

****BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL:  Fucoidan has been shown to have a desirable stabilizing effect on blood sugar, both hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY:  A Swedish study of the positive effects of fucoidan shows that the fucoidan inhibits the cascading of inflammation which may lead to allergies and tissue damage.

CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE DISEASES:  Specific to such diseases as:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Alzheimer disease

ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES:  While the positive effects of the brown seaweeds on the human immune systems are well known and documented, the antioxidant properties were less well known.

Spanish studies have shown tremendous antioxidant properties directly attributable to brown seaweeds, but more importantly, these antioxidant properties have been linked to the Fucoidan content of these seaweeds.

It is interesting to note that the beneficial results of consuming brown seaweed has been advocated by the Japanese for many years, (more than 2,000 years).  The Japanese belief in the beneficial attributes and the scientific data now tends to vindicate them.

The Japanese consume on average 0.5 grams of brown seaweed per day. The Japanese on Okinawa consume on average 1.0 grams of brown seaweed per day. This is 2x the Japanese mainland consumption. The benefits of the increased Okinawa are readily apparent.

On Okinawa where KOMBU consumption is highest, we find the following.

The average lifespan of the Okinawan Japanese is significantly longer than other Japanese.

The incidence of Cancer of all types is lower on Okinawa than in any other prefecture of Japan, (i.e., it is practically non-existent).

We know the average consumption of KOMBU by the Japanese in general and those on Okinawa and from laboratory analysis we know the FUCOIDAN Content.  We can readily ascertain that the average Japanese consumes about five milligrams of FUCOIDAN per day and the Okinawan consumes about ten milligrams per day.

What does Japanese Fucoidan consumption have to do with you?

8.  What kind of diseases and symptoms are associated with mineral deficiency?

Experts often cite the statistic that more than 900 diseases and ailments affecting mankind are the direct result of mineral deficiencies in our food and the scientific evidence is there to support it.

  • “Age spots” and “Liver spots”
  • Agnathia (small lower jaw)
  • Alopecia (hair loss)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Anemia
  • Aneurysms (cerebral, artery, coronary artery, and large artery blowouts)
  • Anorexia (Weight loss)
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Asthma
  • Bi-polar Disorder
  • Brain defects (dorsal herniation, hydroenchalocoel)
  • Bulimia
  • Calcium Deficiency
  • Calcium deposits
  • Cancer (increases cancer risk significantly)
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Chromium Deficiency
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Cleft Lip
  • Cleft palate
  • Congenital ataxia
  • Congenital Birth Defects Associated with Zinc Deficiency
  • Copper Deficiency
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Deafness (malformation of otolithes)
  • Decreased sperm count
  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Depressed oxidative ability of the liver
  • Depression
  • Dermatitis
  • Diabetes (Type 1)
  • Diabetes (adult onset Type II)
  • Diarrhea
  • Dowager’s hump
  • Down Syndrome
  • Dry brittle hair
  • Elevated blood cholesterol
  • Elevated blood triglycerides
  • Failure of wounds and ulcers to heal
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Frizzy hair
  • Growth failure
  • Heart defects
  • Hernias (congenital and acquired)
  • HIV (increased rate of conversion to AIDS and transmission to fetus)
  • Hyperirritability
  • Hypertension
  • Hypo and Hyperthyroid dysfunction
  • Increased newborn mortality
  • Infertility (failure to ovulate, testicular atrophy)
  • Kidney stones
  • Learning disabilities
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Loss of Libido in males and females
  • Loss of sense of smell
  • Loss of sense of taste
  • Low blood sugar
  • Lung defects
  • Magnesium Deficiency
  • Manganese Deficiency
  • Manic depression, Bi-polar disease
  • Menstrual migraines
  • Micro or anopthalmia (small or absent eyes)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Muscular weakness
  • Neuromuscular problems
  • Nickel Deficiency
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Panic attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Pica/Cribbing (geophagia, wool eating, hair eating, etc.)
  • Poor growth (short stature)
  • Prediabetes
  • Receding gums
  • Repetitive motion syndrome
  • Retarded growth rate
  • Rough/dry hair
  • Ruptured vertebral discs
  • Sciatica
  • Selenium Deficiency
  • Severe body odor (smelly tennis shoe syndrome)
  • Shortened life span
  • Spina bifida
  • Still births/spontaneous abortions (miscarriages)
  • Spontaneous fractures
  • Stroke
  • Tetany
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Vanadium Deficiency
  • Vertigo
  • Violent behavior, blind rage, explosive outbursts and “criminal behavior”
  • White, gray and silver hair
  • Zinc Deficiency

This is only a partial list of human ailments associated with mineral deficiencies.

These are two important points to consider here:

1.  Remember that minerals interact with each other so it is almost never a matter of addressing a major problem with one mineral alone. You may, in fact, need more of one mineral than the rest to address a specific issue but, you need them all.

2.  Some experts point out that there are at least 900 human health problems that are directly associated to one or more mineral deficiencies.

Fucoidan Statistics:

• Completely safe and non-allergenic – no harmful effects on any bodily functions or organs; totally non-toxic to human cells.

• Helps abnormal unhealthy cells get back to a healthy state. Better cell to cell communication

• Assists the body in adapting to stress and a wide range of onslaughts to the human body.

• Prevents high levels of adrenal gland hormone, cortisol. Cortisol attacks muscle mass and organs, thus diminishing their strength and recovery time. Cortisol also reduces the brain’s ability to focus and weakens the immune system.

• Fucoidan is likely to be classified and considered the most nutritious plant on earth! Their nutritive values are in organic forms that the human cells can readily utilize.

• Sloan-Kettering clinical summary – Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide, has antitumor + anti-angiogenic effects (stops tumors from making new blood vessels and thus growing) + apoptosis (spontaneous, programmed, cancer cell death) + inhibits tumor cell adhesion and colonization.

• Fucoidan has been shown to inhibit metastasis by preventing adhesion of tumor cells to the extracellular matrix + as well as inhibits tumor growth.

• Stimulates natural killer cells

• AP-I involved in cellular proliferation.

• Neuroprotective against beta-amyloid in the brain.  B-amyloid is associated with Alzheimer’s disease

• Anticoagulant and antithrombotic activities (extraordinary blood thinner)

• Purported uses: Allergies (control allergic reactions) + Bacterial infections + Hypertension + Immunostimulation + Inflammation + Viral infections.

• Blocks fibronectin – thus stopping adhesion complexes.

• Great for vascular endothelium wound repair.

• Useful in treating inflammatory related neuronal injury in neurological disorders.

• Provides protective effects for Parkinson’s patients (neurons become more dopamine-sensitive).

• Enhances production of interleukin and interferon gamma (healthy cytokine).

• Healthier White Blood Cells

• Protects against toxins and pollutants (remember Chernobyl in 1986?).

• Improves joint mobility and lessens the chance of spurs and other tissue build-up around joints and bones.

• Better blood flow.

• Healthier metabolic activities in the liver mean healthier cholesterol levels.

• Anti-cysts

• Anti-herpes (shingles & cold sores), HIV, Human cytomegalovirus, chicken pox; inhibits these “coated” viruses.

• Strengthens immune function during cold and flu season.

• Antagonist to Epstein bar virus (anti-fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue).

• Detoxify from heavy metals and radioactive elements (alginates capture strontium + uranium + mercury + cadmium + lead).

• Nutrient rich energy storehouse.

• Arouses adult stem cells to become the tool repair kits of the human body (initiate true cellular healing).

• Helps with heartburn, reflux, and indigestion (even stops ulcer-causing bacteria Helicobacter pylori from adhering to gastric cells)

• Improve hair and nail structure.

• Promotes loss of abdominal fat (fucoxanthine).  Makes the endocrine system perform better.

• Muscle builder – excellent choice for those in strength training or body building. Also feeds the thyroid and controls the adrenals. You simply have more energy and power.

• People with stents are excellent candidates for fucoidan since it inhibits smooth muscle cell proliferation (arterial occlusions).

• After ischemia (heart damage caused by oxygen deprivation) fucoidan allows faster recovery of left ventricular function + coronary blood flow + myocardial oxygen consumption.

• Blocks selectins (adhesives of white blood cells) to capillary walls – thus impeding atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries).

****In order to combat diseases like cancer, there has been a lot of research done to see how the body can be made stronger.

Research has been going on with Fucoidan since 1970. There have been many exciting discoveries.

A special emphasis has been laid on the immune system. It is a system that allows the body to fight against disease- even terminating cells that have mutated. The body also eliminates toxins and poisons in the system. Toxins enter our systems through the air we breathe and the food and water we ingest. Due to environmental pollution, we are more at risk now than ever before.

Fucoidan has been shown to help the body with cellular communication. This enables the body to function better and will enable the immune system to be more efficient. It has also been found to help with cell regeneration by helping to increase stem cells. It has also been proven to help with many functions of the body. It enables the body to be stronger and resistant to diseases. It even helps our bodies fight cancer.

Fucoidan, found in brown seaweed, has received endorsements from the Hallal and Kosher associations. This has increased its demand among ethnic and even non-ethnic groups of people.

With the growing amount of research being done on Fucoidan, more beneficial properties are being found, and we will find even more uses for this essential sugar.

Primary Applications of Fucoidan:

Abrasions, allergies, arthritis, atherosclerosis, autoimmune diseases, backaches, bladder infections, boils, bowel disorders, burns, cancer, chronic fatigue, weak circulation, colds and flu, colon diseases, congestion, constipation, depression, diabetes, earaches, eye inflammations, fever, fibromyalgia, gingivitis, headaches, heart disease, herpes, hypertension, high cholesterol, hyperactivity, hypoglycemia, hypothyroid immune dysfunction, indigestion, insomnia, liver disorders, menstrual cramps, mood disorders, mouth sores, obesity, pain, parasites, peritonitis, prostate disease, rashes, respiratory infection, sinusitis, skin disorders, sore throats, strep infections, stroke, toothaches, tumors, ulcers, wounds, yeast infections.*****


Dr. David McDonald, a medical doctor in private practice, president of the Liberty Health Group, involved in integrated medicine, served as a Lt. Colonel in the Army, spoke on the merits of fucoidan with no dollar interests, nothing to gain and speaking from his knowledge and research results only to educate people on achieving better health through a nutritional approach.

In America today, doctors have little nutritional training and don’t want to put the efforts to do the research for many reasons and therefore cannot educate their patients on this subject. In 1920, eating was enough to get what nutrients the body needs, but now, the soil no longer contains those nutrients so supplementation is absolutely a necessity. The powerful nutrients called antioxidants are the soldiers in our bodies that protect us against the onslaught of disease.

Limu moui, a brown seaweed, is grown in an area virtually free of contaminants, soaks up all the nutrients of the sea which consists of many great minerals, polysaccharides, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and so much more. Taking all the supplements that are in seaweed would be impossible. Fucoidan extract in a liquid form is easily absorbed by the body. A delivery system of dried fucoidan in a capsule simply will not work in the body and that has been proven by cases where people have used the capsules. All seaweed is not created equal; Researchers in Canada found that the seaweed on the NW was heavily contaminated with heavy metals.

Limu Moui brown seaweed is a perfect food that does not compete with anything else. It is in its natural state and meets the body’s needs perfectly. It addresses the root cause of the health issues in America today. Often the root cause is the same for many diseases and illness.



  • Improves Stroke Damage: Fucoidan has strong anti-inflammatory properties that may help minimize brain damage and memory impairment in stroke sufferers.
  • Lowers Stroke Risk: There is evidence Fucoidan discourages the formation of blood clots, lowering the risk of both heart attacks and strokes. The Department of Surgical Sciences in Stockholm concluded that the anti-coagulant properties of fucoidan are more potent than the commonly prescribed Heparin, yet in the amount used are safer than Heparin and other anti-coagulates while still promoting a therapeutic effect of thinning the blood.  With fucoidan there is less chance of overdose and bleeding.
  • Inhibits Blood Clots: Seaweed’s laminarin is a natural anti-clotting compound.

Fucoidan Cancer Compass

I’ve been an ICU nurse working in teaching hospitals for nearly 30 years.  I’m willing to put my name and reputation in the open and my “opinions”, and, by the way, I don’t charge for sharing this information.  What I KNOW is that bottom line; doctors don’t make money unless you’re sick.  They do not promote wellness because it’s not in their best interests.  “Above all, do no harm”, is, indeed, a thing of the past.

I’d also like to point out that when you walked into your oncologist’s office the first time, he/she was a stranger that you opted to trust with your life, even if that doctor gives you bad or inaccurate advice.  For instance, did you know there’s a simple test to determine the efficacy of a chemotherapy agent with regard to your specific cancer so they can accurately treat you, BUT, in most cases the test is not performed?  That means you may be receiving a dangerous drug that won’t even work.

I know that chemotherapy is not going to “cure”.  In most cases, chemo is palliative, and while it may extend a person’s life by months or even years, the death rates from cancer have only decreased by 5% in the last 55 years.  You can find that information at the CDC or WHO websites or simply call.

Now, if you’d like to think that’s success, ok.  If you take what a doctor or dietician who says don’t use vitamins or supplements because they MIGHT interfere with radiation (which they don’t) to heart, then by all means follow their advice.

Medical radiation has the same effects as nuclear radiation in nuclear power plants.  That’s why they call it Nuclear Medicine and workers have to wear badges to determine their exposure levels and there are radiation warnings posted.  Even diagnostic tests such as mammograms expose the patient to radiation which damages breast tissue and INCREASE your chance of getting breast cancer.  There are other tests which do not expose a patient to radiation, like Thermograms, but they are not as popular as mammography.

Fucoidan was used at Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island, and Fukushima to TREAT radiation sickness!  My friends on the west coast are beginning to use Fucoidan as they are already seeing cancer rates and birth defects on the rise since the Fukushima disaster and radiation hitting the west coast.  http://www.naturalcuresnotmedicine.com/2013/10/28-signs-that-west-coast-is-being.html#62TMkWHWJIFh5Mtj.99

Regarding surgical patients, I was once told by a prominent European physician that it is almost impossible to perform surgery for cancer without seeding the cancer.  That means that due to mechanical disruption of the cancer cells, the cancer is spread via the blood stream and lymphatic system.  Not exactly what most patients would want to hear, but all too true, nonetheless.

Just because someone went to medical school and learned the same old tired way of dealing with cancer that DOES NOT WORK, does not impress me, especially if they’re not willing to admit there are alternatives that do work.

There are many, many alternatives.  Some work, some don’t, as I have learned over the last 20 years helping cancer patients with terminal diagnoses, BUT, I have been studying Fucoidan since 2012.  I know doctors who recommend and use Fucoidan in their practices and will tell you point blank Fucoidan is the first thing they’ve found that is actually helping their patients.   I know hundreds of people who have used Fucoidan with success in relation to not only cancer, but MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other disease processes.  Of the cancer patients I know, some opted for chemo and needed far fewer treatments than were planned because their cancers disappeared (much to the surprise of those very doctors).  They did not get sick nor have the detrimental side effects associated with chemo or radiation.   The ones who decided against submitting to allopathic treatments were VERY GLAD THEY DIDN’T when they were told their cancer was gone.   The ONLY explanation (besides prayer) was that they were ingesting Fucoidan and getting better nutrition.

Doctors know only 3 things when it comes to cancer.  Cut, poison, and burn.

I have taken care of patients who didn’t even have a diet ordered much less their persistent malnutrition addressed or their obvious need for super nutrition to deal with the stress of illness, especially cancer.  I watched them have severe electrolyte imbalances due to diarrhea and vomiting, have bleeding from anemia and low platelets (thrombocytopenia) that required transfusions (often a vicious cycle leading to Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) a complex disorder where the patient clots then bleeds), require insertion of feeding tubes, lose their hair, develop candida and fungal infections, experience skin sloughing as well as oral, rectal, and other internal ulcerations that led to systemic infections, peritonitis and often death, have to be in isolation due to low white blood counts (neutropenia), lose incredible amounts of weight unnecessarily, and develop nosocomial infections such as MRSA, E.coli, Acinetobacter baumannii, and pneumonia that often required ventilator support – all issues that could and would have been prevented if their nutrition had been properly evaluated and addressed.  Need I go on?

It IS true that Fucoidan was used at MD Anderson in the 80′s but was not felt to have a high enough profit margin despite its effectiveness on most cancers!  Other major hospitals have studied and continue to study this bionutrient for its anti-carcinogenic effects.  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center completed a study on Fucoidan and digestive cancers in 2011 proving Fucoidan works!  However, most doctors in the US, if asked about Fucoidan would admit they know nothing (because they don’t learn about it in medical school).  However, if you happen to have a doctor with both an MD and PhD in biochemistry they would be more likely to know what Fucoidan is and its remarkable effects.

Fucoidan is used extensively in Europe, Asia, Japan, Korea, China, Australia and New Zealand.  The most remarkable results are detailed in two books I would recommend every cancer patient read.  Amazing Power of Fucoidan (You Can Beat Cancer Too!!) by Dr. Saisuke Tachikawa (available on Amazon) and The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees by Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu.  The second book is available as a free download  along with information on Alkaline Water Studies. Pay special attention to Chapter 6 on supplements. You can order the book by calling (808) 589 2800.   I first became aware of Fucoidan as an editor of medical abstracts for a company in Japan.  At the time, I was impressed but had no reason to pay that much attention, but, when a friend of mine introduced the nutrient to me because I was losing my eyesight, I took heed.  Remarkably, within 3 days not only was my vision corrected, my night blindness resolved as well.

Here’s MY story….In 2006 almost 2007, I pulled a hamstring on one of my 6-mile runs. I stupidly continued the run. The injury to my hamstring turned into involvement of my Sartorius, then Iliotibial Band Inflammation. I began a personal program of rehab, and against my own intuition, on my sister’s advice started taking Advil. I was only masking the problem, not fixing it. I had a chiropractor “adjust” my knee which only made things worse, an athletic trainer overstretched and tore my lateral patellar ligament, and a physical therapist dislocated both my hips AND as an added bonus one of my shoulders! I saw another chiropractor for my back since I was spending a LOT of time on the couch and he, in his infinite wisdom suggested my neck needed adjusting. I left with no relief from my back or shoulder and unable to turn my head in either direction, which wasn’t the problem to begin with!

I decided against letting anyone else try to “help” me. It was up to me.

I started a new program designed to slowly rehab the leg injuries. I made great progress and in about 5 months was back running. Then I had a stupid freak accident. I was doing dips between 2 weight benches, when my hand slipped off and I came down onto a cement floor shocking both my elbow and shoulder. Not only did I feel stupid, it was another setback to running since your shoulder moves while running. So, I started another rehab journey. I was depressed at not being able to run and popping Advil to work out as much as I could. I had also started eating convenience foods (yes drive thru) and putting on weight. 20 turned into 25….I moved to a condo with a gym and got back to regular workouts but for some reason, the weight wasn’t budging. I had yet another injury, bilateral plantar fasciitis. I finally figured out how to treat THAT myself (since the docs were no help) and that’s when I developed “sensitivity” to Advil. I woke up one morning and my feet looked like footballs. I immediately decided it was the Advil (and probably had liver damage by then). That was confirmed with a liver panel. I continued to gain weight, even while taking supplements to LOSE weight. I gained a whopping 100 pounds over the next couple years despite hours in the gym, eating right and beginning to run again.

I went to a doctor who wanted to prescribe diet pills. Instead, I asked for a thyroid panel (T3, T4 and TSH). I was told my thyroid was “normal”. I asked for a copy of the results. I pointed out that my thyroid test was actually low, but was told it was “low NORMAL”, that I was just aging and should take the diet pills. I FIRED the doctor after telling him that while I hadn’t spent 8 years in medical school, I didn’t NEED to in order to figure out that for an athlete AND personal trainer to gain 100 pounds WHILE working out and eating right was NOT NORMAL!!!.

I continued my search for an answer. My friend Monica introduced me to fucoidan in June 2012. I was polite but deleted every email she sent for almost 3 months. I didn’t want to hear about another “juice drink”. Then she sent me a link to www.pubmed.gov., and asked me to search Fucoidan. I did and immediately called to ask her when I could hear more. I had to wait almost a week.

I went to hear about fucoidan on Saturday, Sept 29, 2012, having already decided that if Fucoidan did a tenth of what these studies showed I’d be crazy not to use the product.

In addition to aches and pains, not sleeping well, borderline diabetes, and severe issues with my eyes, I’d been suffering from allergies I’d never had before and although I’ve never been a sickly person, I didn’t feel good, not like I always have.

I received my products on a Tuesday morning and started drinking a mix of fucoidan and fruit juices.  The very first thing I noticed was my allergy symptoms disappeared.  That night I slept better than I had in years and felt rested the next day.  I was much more energetic.  The aches and pains I’d felt were gone.  I’d had issues with memory but from day one, my brain fog was gone.

By the way, at age 53, I not only had a burned out thyroid gland due to overuse of “diet” products (low carb, high sucralose usually) and “Health Supplements” containing sucralose, I thought I was going blind. My vision was so bad, I sought the help of the University of Houston Eye Center and after an appointment lasting 6 hours, l left with absolutely no answers. I was told to come back in a month. I was also suffering from severe night blindness that prevented me from driving or even walking the dog after dark. That may not sound like much to deal with but in the big scheme of things it was devastating, especially since my cousin had already gone blind.

On Thursday, just days after beginning to drink LIMU I attended an event with other  used of fucoidan. I was hungry and wanted to eat so grabbed a menu. The lighting was very dim so that we could watch a video on “Q’s” IPad and in the middle of his testimonial I blurted out, “Holy S***, I CAN SEE!” Now, you’ve got to understand just days before I couldn’t see the menu with reading glasses in the middle of the day in bright light.  What was amazing was that my glasses were on top of my head when I realized I could see perfectly without any correction! I was in a room with about half a dozen or more ministers who didn’t know me from Adam, so I turned a little red, but it was the breakthrough that convinced me I was on the right track. Driving home that night instead of white knuckles on the steering wheel, I was relaxed because for the first time in years I could see to drive and not only that it was like daylight!!!

Fucoidan reduces secretion and expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in the retinal pigment epithelium and reduces angiogenesis in vitro.


Now, I’d like to take just a moment of your time to explain everything I’ve told you in terms of WHY.

Good nutrition is like an insurance policy but, in this case, it helps you avoid what sets us up to being prone to injuries, and illness. Good nutrition protects our bodies, our tendons, our ligaments – our cells, literally everything.

Illness can be broken down into 2 categories: Inflammation and problems with our immune systems or a combination of the two.

In my case, I may have already been hypothyroid despite a good diet, but when I started using supplements containing sucralose, known to deplete our natural and necessary stores of Iodine, I may have jump-started the process. I certainly developed inflammation with all the injuries. It didn’t help that I began eating drive-thru hamburgers containing fillers and above all Bromide in the buns, in lieu of good home cooking. Bromide is another Iodine depleting halogen. Even people who eat well, may not know that our “fresh” foods, meats, veggies and fruits are dunked in, and sprayed with Chlorine as an antibacterial agent. (Google CHLORINE IN OUR FOOD SUPPLY, especially chicken, and baby carrots). Add to that scenario, Fluoride in our water system which is a known poison and another halogen that depletes iodine stores and you have a triple whammy that is going to make you sick! So, I was set up from every direction through ingesting halogens that depleted my stores of Iodine to HAVE HYPOTHYROIDISM.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism: (If you have 3 or more symptoms you are likely hypothyroid.)

Difficulty with weight
Cold hands and feet
Low body temperature
Tingling and numbness in extremities
Problems with mental focus; decline in mental sharpness; brain fog
Enlarged thyroid gland
Brittle fingernails with ridging
Mood Swings
Depression; depressed mood
Joint and muscle aches
Irritable bowel syndrome
Sluggish bowels/constipation
Frequent infections
Irregular menstrual cycles
Loss of libido
Hair loss in females
Loss of the lateral third of the eyebrows
Enlarged tongue with indentation
Elevated cholesterol
Dry skin
Low blood pressure
Decreased sweating
Pale or pasty complexion
Slow in speech
Prone to rambling
Fluid retention

Now, a few facts from The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees by Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D. Ph.D., who is a cancer specialist and former director of the Yokohama General Hospital.

One of the issues with the disease process and a diagnostic tool for hypothyroidism is determining if a person has a lowered basal temperature. Normal human body temp is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to Dr. Yoshimizu, for every 1-degree drop in body temp, there is a 36% drop in immune function, a 12% drop in metabolism, and a 50% decline in enzyme activity.

Let’s examine that. If you are hypothyroid your immune function, and all body functions are drastically compromised. The worse the hypothyroidism the sicker you will be.

You cannot possibly ingest enough iodine from processed iodized salt to improve your thyroid function. It’s impossible, especially since the amount found in iodized salt is not even enough to meet the already TOO LOW RDA, set by our FDA. Plus the American Heart Association discourages the public from eating too much sodium. Another problem with processed iodized salt is that it contains silica which damages arteries and veins and predisposes people to heart disease when damaged arteries try to repair themselves.  In addition, our soil is depleted of minerals so our food is deficient.

Iodine not only protects the thyroid and immune system, it protects us from breast, prostate, and other cancers, including but not limited to thyroid cancer.

There is a mountain of information indicating that our need for Iodine is probably 100 times the RDA. Women in Japan have a very low occurrence of hypothyroidism or breast cancers. However, if they relocate to the United States their risk of both is equal to an American woman. Interesting, isn’t it?

I’ll leave you to digest these facts. If you have three or more symptoms of hypothyroidism you are probably hypothyroid and either need more iodine in your body or a combination of natural thyroid and iodine/potassium iodide.

There are other issues that should be addressed as we age, such as a decrease of sex hormones, progesterone which begins to wane long before estrogen, and testosterone, but I wanted to touch on thyroid and iodine. There are natural replacements for women that I have found, and I am looking into natural solutions for men, although so far natural bio-identical testosterone seems to be the best solution.

So, NOW….the picture may be clearer how so many issues are helped by fucoidan and brown seaweed. Not only are you getting all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino and fatty acids you need, you are getting much needed NATURAL ORGANIC iodine that helps your thyroid function and helps with that long laundry list of symptoms.

I decided to try the product on my 30-year-old daughter who has had severe pain from arthritis for 17 years and a history of fibroid breast tumors.  She has two auto-immune disorders.  Within six weeks, I got a phone call thanking me because her pain was gone.  She usually got sick 5-6 times a year and has not been sick at all in the year she’s been taking Fucoidan in the liquid form.  So, I decided to try it for my 16-year-old with severe IBS, because she missed a LOT of school due to vomiting and diarrhea.  In just a week, she no longer had symptoms and a friend began using fucoidan with relief from the IBS beginning with the first serving of fucoidan. She had suffered from IBS for nearly 40 years.

I personally have half a dozen friends who have taken my advice and used Fucoidan after being diagnosed with cancer.  The most remarkable is an 81-year-old gentleman who went to his doctor thinking he had stomach flu but was given a terminal diagnosis and 4-6 months to live.  He went to the VA for a second opinion which confirmed the initial diagnosis.  The only option given him was chemo, but he was told the cancer was so advanced he still should not expect to live more than 6 months.  In the interim, his daughter-in-law, my friend, told him to drink 8-12 oz. of Fucoidan, daily.  He opted to try chemo despite the poor prognosis and admission by the doctors that chemo would not prolong his life, and was scheduled a month later.  In the meantime, he drank Fucoidan.  As an inpatient 1 month later, he received 1 chemo treatment and was scoped the following morning to determine how many more treatments needed to be scheduled.  However, the doctors brought him good news – his cancer was gone.  The following day he was home working on his truck and very glad he listened to my friend, his daughter-in-law.


The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having ne w eyes.

                                                                         ~Marcel Proust

I also know of people with brain tumors/cancer ingesting Fucoidan who responded despite research that indicates Fucoidan does not cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB).  My personal theory is that damage from toxins such as aspartame caused porosity in the BBB.

That was written prior to June 2015. I now have an answer to the question of how fucoidan is effective in brain tumors. Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Department of Neuroscience, made an incredible discovery that according to Kevin Lee, who chairs the Department of Neuroscience means, “They’ll have to change the textbooks.”

The discovery was made possible by Antoine Louveau, a post-doctoral fellow who developed a new method to mount mouse meninges which allowed visualization of tiny vessel-like structures which serendipitously turned out to be lymphatic vessels. He remarked that had they reversed the process he had used, the vessels would not have been discovered.

Louveau alerted Jonathan Kipnis, a professor in U.Va.’s Department of Neuroscience and director of U.Va.’s Center for Brain Immunology and Glia, who described the vessels as “very well hidden” and commented that “If you don’t know what you’re after, you just miss it.”

The team of researchers collaborated with Tajie Harris, an assistant professor of neuroscience and a member of the Center for Brain Immunology and Glia and Igor Smirnov, a research associate in the Kipnis lab whose work was critical to the imaging success of the study.

Most researchers have believed for decades that the human body was complete mapped and there was nothing left to discover, so this revelation came as quite a surprise.

So, imagine not one but two major discoveries in one year.

Blood cell formation DICK CananaIn November 2015, the University of Toronto’s Dr. John Dick published a paper in Science that redefines earlier misconceptions on how human blood cells are produced. Dr. Dick’s team showed that the traditional understanding of blood production is wrong and that stem cells drive production of different kinds of blood cells much earlier than previously thought. The discovery has huge implications for future treatments for blood-based cancers.

Fucoidan’s Role in Cancer

Without getting too technical, this is in layman’s terms what Fucoidan does in the body.

Fucoidan which comes from the brown seaweed, limu moui, builds up the immune system, and is a natural antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-neoplastic agent.  In addition, it prevents the transition of PRE-cancerous cells to cancer.

According to studies, if someone already has cancer, Fucoidan, a large polysaccharide, very similar in chemical composition to lymphatic fluid and comparable in immune building capability to colostrum, works in several ways to eradicate the cancer cells.

1.  Increases killer T cells

2.  Encapsulates the tumor cells and cuts off blood flow (anti-angiogenesis)

3.  According to published studies, causes the tumor cells to die in a process called apoptosis in as little as 72 hours.  Cancer cells do not have a normal cell cycle.  They are present in everyone’s bodies until an upset in homeostasis such as poor nutrition, exposure to toxins, tissue damage, immune system dysfunction or inflammation cause them to begin to proliferate and grow out of control.

4.  Anti-metastatic – Protects healthy cells from having the tumors attach and metastasize by repairing cell walls and DNA.

5. Anti-proliferative - Cancer cells cannot reproduce

6.  Promotes stem cell growth -  http://www.google.com/patents/WO2013029034A1

7.  Boosts immunity giving the patient the reserve to fight the invading cancer.

It is not cancer which kills people.  It is the treatments and malnutrition called cachexia which is deadly.

The first study on cancer and fucoidan was done on lung cancer in 1995 by the Japanese.  Since then 1100 studies have been done all over the world.

I have reviewed cancer treatments that have been FDA approved with as little as 7 studies, none long term.

Prescription drugs kill over 106,000 Americans every year, and those are the ones taking the drugs correctly.  This figure can be found at the CDC and does not include those patients who die from chemotherapy.

Disclaimer:  “Fucoidan products are not drugs and have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are simply dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease. While your body may experience amazing positive health responses when you feed it the right nutritional building blocks, and there is indeed reliable scientific evidence supporting the beneficial effect key ingredients of fucoidan products have on the immune system, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support some of the specific therapeutic results reported by users of the product. We, therefore, promote fucoidan products for their benefit on the immune.”



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